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We know that your college has unique challenges — like performing enrollment and retention miracles with limited resources.

If you feel like you’re building the plane while you’re flying it, we get it — because we’ve been there, too. Many of our team members have extensive backgrounds in 2-year community and technical colleges and the districts, boards, and foundations that serve them.

Do you want marketing and enrollment strategists with the experience, innovation, and dedication to upholding the community college mission with you? Then welcome!

We are creative problem-solvers, innovators, and trendsetters. But most of all, like you, we’re passionate about making higher education accessible to all.

Since our start 25+ years ago, we’ve helped our partners embolden students to forge new career paths, secure financial stability for themselves and their families, and live their best lives.

At Interact, you’ll find the expertise, talent, and time-tested, data-driven strategies to drive enrollment and provide solid results. Our holistic and student-centered approach empowers colleges to advance their missions and reach more prospects.

Real Strategies for Increasing Student Enrollment

Solving Higher Ed’s Toughest Challenges

  • Community and technical colleges, districts, and statewide systems
  • Marketing and communications departments

  • Student Services
  • Foundations and alumni networks

Create long-lasting results with the higher ed marketing agency and student enrollment experts who understand your needs.

Data Directly Sourced From Your Students

Media Prefs

Ready to stop guessing what your students are thinking? Then go straight to the source with Interact’s Media Prefs survey. Discover what media platforms work for your college, the best ways to reach and recruit new students, and how to retain current students for maximum impact. Media Prefs is one-of-a-kind, user-friendly research to inform your strategy, helping you connect with the right audience on the right platform with the right message.
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Industry insights, innovative solutions, and strategies for increasing student enrollment are at your fingertips. We’re more than just a higher ed marketing agency — we’re also dedicated to your success. Check out our free blogs, podcasts, webinars, and more for tried-and-true tips to help bolster your efforts.

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