This is “Go-Town”…


Oakland Community College is an institution as unique and diverse as the communities it serves. It’s where access meets excellence, and it’s at the heart of Greater Detroit’s socioeconomic resurgence.

OCC approached Interact for help with digital marketing, and soon, the partnership blossomed into a full re-brand and campaign project, just in time for the venerable institution’s 50th anniversary.

A New Approach… A New Identity.

Starting with relevant stakeholder data culled from the results of the National Media Preferences Survey, Interact and OCC worked together to design a contemporary and future-focused marketing plan, implementing low-cost digital platforms to replace expensive traditional buys. Interact created a mix of digital ads that included streaming radio, social, paid search ads, and geo-fence technology.

The success of this plan led to an expansion of the OCC-Interact partnership, to include new video work and a research-driven brand and campaign for the college. Soon after, the “Excellence Empowered” brand was born.




Increase in Applications

Over 6 million

impressions to OCC's landing page


Cut in Decline

Record-Breaking Results


The results from the first year of the campaign were phenomenal. The initial campaigns managed to cut the expected decline in enrollment by 20%, while increasing applications by nearly 25%.  Meanwhile, the “Excellence Empowered” messaging has already taken hold in the community, giving voice to the institution’s accomplishments, goals, and expectations for the future.

With the foundation set, OCC and Interact continue to work together to build and evolve the “Excellence Empowered” brand.

Big Gains for OCC…


  • Digital Campaign: Shattered industry benchmarks in virtually every category, from click-through rate, to cost-per-click and saturation rates. In the first month, Interact drove more than 6 million impressions to OCC’s landing page.
  • Branding: Reinforced “top-of-mind” awareness and prestige in OCC’s communities with the instantly popular “Excellence Empowered” brand and campaign.
  • Creative: Developed clean, elegant materials to drive a hugely successful multi-platform communications plan aimed at awareness, enrollment, and community support.

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