Framework for a Foundation

Highland Community College billboard "It's All Highlights Here."

With over 200 scholarships and 70 degree opportunities, Highland Community College (HCC) and the Highland Community College Foundation (HCCF) are constantly forging new pathways to help students succeed.

When the college’s leaders wanted to bring prospective students into sharper focus, they joined forces with Interact Communications to help drive enrollment and increase fundraising support, fortifying the college’s comprehensive program and scholarship offerings.

By crafting engaging messaging and collateral, as well as introducing the successful fundraising “legacy campaign,” enrollment enjoyed a healthy boost and donation cultivation came to the fore.

It’s All Highlights Here

Highland campaign content on a smartphone

What did this campaign include?

  • Fresh billboards and digital ads
  • A new donation landing page
  • The fresh HCC branding taking the limelight
  • Communications targeting traditional-aged students, adult learners, parents, alumni, donors, and community leaders

Dynamic variations on the “It’s All Here” tagline included “It’s All Opportunity Here” and “It’s All Highlights Here” to pique interest and inspire prospective students and the community with the HCC mission. Plus, exciting “up-close” student success stories were featured across channels, showing real-life examples of the “It’s All Here” promise.

Enhance, Engage … Enroll

With helpful faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and ample student resources, the Illinois college was ready to showcase its first-rate education with a new, memorable slogan and refreshed outreach efforts.

First, through Interact’s Media Prefs surveys, students’ media consumption habits were pinpointed, helping to refine the marketing strategy. Then, through comprehensive research reports and focus groups, the true spirit of the college emerged. With this solid data ensuring results, the new “It’s All Here” tagline was born, highlighting the value of an HCC education.

Highland campaign photo of billboard


Comprehensive research analyzed HCC’s branding. Using integrated focus groups, brand documents, and other reports and data, an accurate depiction of HCC and HCCF’s current positioning was gained, allowing the team to get to work on refreshing branding and launching new campaigns.


Compelling, brand-centric deliverables were crafted, including billboards, videos, and social and digital ads, along with a fresh style guide. A landing page with a modern, clean design was created for HCCF’s legacy campaign, making it easy for donors to show their support across devices and 24-7.


Alumni and students were highlighted across feature success stories in marketing materials. Strong taglines were also developed for campaigns and messaging for multichannel marketing efforts.

Campaign Creative Gallery

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