Preaching to the Non-Converted


Enrollment marketing is about more than just recruiting. It’s about converting the estimated 40 percent who apply, but never register for classes. LACCD’s high-quality marketing efforts were driving applications, but the enrollment numbers – especially among low-income students – were not reflecting the department’s hard work.


We're On It


In August, 2017, Interact conducted a needs analysis of LACCD’s marketing and communications strategies. This research revealed that, in line with national trends, nearly half of the district’s applicants were failing to persist to day one of classes. Armed with this information, Interact conceived and developed a low-cost, high-effectiveness enrollment campaign targeted to these “Applied Not Registered” prospects.

The campaign used the original branding: “I’m On It.” to convey a positive yet urgent call-to-action, and employed upbeat, confident students to carry the “I’m On It.” message. The eight-week effort included custom collaterals for all nine colleges in the district, with more than 200 total creative materials delivered. Aside from targeted email lists, the “I’m On It” push also used social media, digital, mobile and display ads.



Persistent Success


The campaign emails performed well above the industry standard, with a cumulative 19.5 percent open rate (higher education industry standard is 13.39 percent). Click-through rates on emails hovered consistently around two percent. Meanwhile, “I’m On It”’s click-through rate on the social media campaign was more than double the industry average, with the district paying less per click than an average campaign. Campaign engagement, page engagements, comments, likes and shares, were extremely high as well.


By tracking the email lists through the delivery of each message, we were able to get an accurate weekly read on the campaign’s effectiveness. Over the course of the eight-week effort, a total of 73,000 students enrolled in an LACCD college, following the receipt of an “I’m On It.” email, exceeding all expectations set for the fast-turnaround, low-cost campaign.

Interact & LACCD @ Work


  • Research: Performed needs analysis leading to critical data regarding student persistence.
  • Creative: Delivered custom, branded materials for all nine district institutions (email blasts, digital banners, social media ads).
  • Social Media Ads: Used paid media and retargeting in a multi-platform effort to reach Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat users.

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