Have you read part two of our Work from Home blog series? Interact Copywriter Rachel Rosen-Carroll and other members of the Interact team give us their tips to maintain motivation and inspiration while working from home. In this Quick Tips! video, Rachel teaches us how to enhance your #WFH warrior training mentally, physically, and emotionally…sometimes, with a little help from our fuzzy Jedi masters.

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Well, folks, this is a golden kazoo, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for this week’s Quick Tips. The Remote Workers Strike Back: How to work out like a work-from-home, Interact Jedi Master. In part two of our Epic Blog and Quick Tip trilogy, you’ll find ways to enhance your work-from-home warrior training mentally, physically, emotionally, and sometimes with a little help from our fuzzy friends. Hey, Luke had Yoda right? But don’t get me started about Ewoks. 

We’re gonna kick it off with our first tip, how to read like a boss. “I get up about half an hour early and read a marketing book that really interests me and take copious notes,” says our fearless CEO Pam Cox Otto, who holds down the fort in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Reading boosts memory and thinking skills and keeps brains healthy, according to an article in Bustle. The mental workout can even help people live longer while improving cognitive flexibility. For the remote worker, reading is the mental equivalent of push ups, revving up our brains to move the galaxy. As our marketing warrior says, reading about her favorite subject “also fires up my thinking,” says Pam, “so I’m sharper when the meetings and planning start.” 

Which takes us to our next tip: “get the blood and the creative juices flowing. Need to approve a podcast or take a call? Do it while on a walk, so you can stretch your legs, and get the blood flowing,” says Interact’s Director of Marketing Angela Carollo, keeping things moving in Wisconsin. In between virtual meetings and projects, she’ll challenge herself to 10 push ups, or three jumping jacks. “Exercise will keep you productive and happy, and will make you more resilient to stressors,” advises Angela. Truth. According to Scientific American, part of the magic of exercise is that it increases blood flow to your brain, which equals more energy and oxygen for mental heavy lifting. 

For more fun and helpful tips, be sure to check out our blog to see how you can turn your dog into your own personal trainer, to increase your inspiration and perspiration, as well as how fuzzy best friends can help you beat stress to quarantine and chill. More one-of-a-kind one with the work-from-home life hacks coming soon. And the thrilling conclusion, Return of the Work-from-Home Interact Jedi: how to get your brain in the game, from fighting for Fika to outside-of-the-box work-from-home rituals, it’s the saga climax you won’t want to miss. Do you have a work-from-home warrior tip you’d like to share? You might even make it into our Jedi Hall of Fame. That’s all for me for today. Take good care of yourselves and I will see you soon. 

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