In this Quick Tips! video, Interact CEO Dr. Pam Cox-Otto, Ph.D. explains how crucial to retention face-to-face events and activities are going to be as we begin classes in-person again.

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Pam Cox-Otto and I’m here on market day in Camucia. Camucia is a small city that sits at the foot of the city of Cortona, which is an ancient Etruscan city and later Roman city. Okay, enough about history, can’t help myself. Here’s what you should know. Italy has always been like this.

Market day, everybody comes out, they’re buying everything from clothes to food, to purses, all of this stuff. Every Thursday here in Camucia, it’s almost like a party day. What that’s telling me andwhat it should be telling you is that people yearn for face-to-face contact. They yearn to be able to get together. You can see people running into their friends. You see people talking, they bring their dogs out.

After nearly 18 months, two years of having a pandemic people yearn for personal contact. I’m not expecting you to all put on an Italian market but I am telling you that you should put some effort into events, events out in the real world, bring people together, make it a fun time. Those kinds ofthings are activities, events that stick to people, they’re much more memorable than just a digital ad following you briefly around the internet.

So as you’re planning your marketing for the years to come, I want you to think about how you’re going to gointo the real world, reach people and give them an experience. That’s it for now. Hope you got something useful. Take care.

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