With working from home becoming the new normal, creating the perfect home office is essential to maximizing productivity. In this Quick Tips! video, Interact Copywriter Rachel Rosen-Carroll shares some of the Interact team’s suggestions for working at home so you can become a true #WFH jedi!

Hello everyone.

This is Rachel Rosen-Carroll, copywriter for Interact Communications. Coming at you from my tent office in Northern California. This is where a lot of the magic happens. I write my first drafts in my tent office, as well as record my quick tips.

So here we go. You know September’s a big month. In the States it’s about six months of dealing with the Coronavirus. My hair is now as big as my mom’s hair was in the 1980s.

And on a positive note, it’s my one-year anniversary of working for Interact, which is just fantastic. I’ve gotten to work with the most creative, dynamic, interesting people. And I have reached out to the Interact team for the most helpful work from home tips to share with all of you.

So, without further ado,we are going to dive into Be One with the #WFH. How to work remotely like an Interact Jedi Master. And this is part one of an epic three blog, three quick tip trilogy. And the first part is, Jedi mind tricks. How to do simple things to make working from home go a little smoother.

So we’re gonna kick it off with our VP Mary De Luca, who works from the East Coast, and she creates her own “Den of Zen” with an aromatherapy diffuser. And in fact Oprah Magazine says that some scents have possible clinical backing for helping you to relax.

So lavender can calm without making you sleepy, bergamot orange has been shown to uplift mood while banishing fatigue. And chamomile may even have some meaningful antidepressant activity according to the article. So for Mary, master of the Jedi mind sniff, don’t hate me. Aromatherapy gives her the perfect pick-me-up.

She says, “I’ve no clue if this work from home practice “will make me work smarter or boost my creativity, “but if I think it does,” then it’s already doing the trick, right? “Seems like ‘common scents’ to me.” So that’s one great tip that I actually employ in my inside office.

And another wonderful tip I want to share with you is a Jedi mom trick from Kristel Keys Running, Director of Communications at our Wisconsin home base. And she says, ” this one isn’t really a strategy, “but more of a bribe.” If she’s on a call, or in a zoom meeting, she gives her kids her phones that they can play games, watch YouTube, which is normally not allowed. And sometimes she’ll bribe them to be quiet, to play with toys, eat candy, et cetera.

So you know working from home can sometimes stretch the imagination, not to mention the patience when it comes to the life-work balance. And desperate times call for desperate Jedi mom tricks on the tykes, because you really don’t want your naked toddler screaming through the middle of your zoom conference, right?

So those are just a couple quick tips, there are so many more in this week’s blog that I hope you’ll check out. 

Part two will be coming up shortly, it’s called “The Remote Workers Strike Back: Jedi WFH workouts.” And if you have a work from home tip that you’d like to share, do let us know on LinkedIn or Facebook, you might even make it into our Jedi hall of fame. So that’s all from me, hoping you all are doing well, please take care of yourselves and each other, and I will talk to you soon.

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