In this Quick Tips! video, Interact CEO Dr. Pam Cox-Otto, Ph.D. explains the Italian concept of “too much” and how your marketing campaigns should stop being mediocre and instead go to the edge of being too much.

Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Pam Cox-Otto and I’m in one of my favorite places in the world. Behind me is Santa Croce, which is the large Duomo, where after World War II, they gathered all of the orphans and taught them a trade and the trade was leather working, which is why all around me are hundreds of leather working shops that make some of the finest coats and purses, et cetera, in the world.

That said, there’s a reason why I’m talking to you about Santa Croce and the reason is the Italian concept of too much. The Italian concept of too much says that in art and design and almost everything that you do, you go right up to the edge where you are pushing the boundaries of taste, and beauty, and intrigue, and then you don’t go overthat line because if you do, well, let me think it’s called, oh yeah, too much. So, if you look around at Italian design, it’s beautiful, it’s surprising, it’s amazing and it’s something that you probably haven’t seen before but when it’s done just a little wrong, it’s too much. 

Now, why am I telling you about that now? I’m telling you about that because what I wish for all of you in your marketing campaigns is this very simple concept. The concept is stop being mediocre. Stop settling for the beginning of the line, the middle of the line, go for the edge of the line just before it’s too much. Why? Because at that edge before it’s too much, it’s unique, it’s new, it’s authentic and it resonates. And if you want to get more students to come back to you, it’s time to be more than mediocre. It’s time to be more than average. It’s time to be more than typical. 

That’s it for now, some food for thought from beautiful Forenza where there are no tourists and I hope you visit soon. Take care, that’s all for today

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