By Alice Kim, Coordinator of Business Development Communications

Being described as a workaholic has become somewhat of an accolade nowadays. “Grind” culture has told us that working around the clock is something to be proud of and expected. This is not only untrue, but dangerous to your mental health and the well-being of your personal life.

Don’t be mistaken—being a workaholic and being a productive/accomplished worker are two very different things. As a recovering workaholic and pursuer of subconscious productivity, the following are tips that I’ve implemented into my life, that have helped streamline my productivity and workflow for a more well-rounded work/life balance.

1. Make writing out your to-do list a top priority

Young woman working at a computer and paper notebook

A tried and true productivity tactic, making a to-do list right away at the beginning of your day (or at the very end of your day for the next morning) is an easy way to not only keep track of your tasks for the day, but to provide a serotonin boost every time you cross something off.

Only have three things that day? Write it down. Do you always skip out on lunch because you get in the zone and forget to eat? Add it to the list! Write it out in a way that works for you—top 3 priorities, chronological, etc. 

2. Let people know you’re working on something

Young woman signaling "time out!" with her hands

Nothing is more frustrating than getting started on an important task and then being interrupted by phone calls, emails, or coworkers.

So, when you have a task to work on, block off time on your calendar, set up an away email response, and mute your phone and computer notifications—whatever you need to do to deter interruptions and focus on the task at hand.

3. Find the tech/stationery that you ENJOY using:

Tabletop photo of notebook and organizational tools

With e-calendars, electronic productivity apps, and digital notebooks, the organizational world has evolved beyond number 2 pencils and spiral notebooks. But organizational tech may not work best for you. Finding the right mix of organizational tools that work for you will make BEING organized second nature.

Personally, I love an e-calendar combined with a physical notebook and daily agenda for tracking hours spent on specific tasks. Fun stationery, plain stationery, a checklist on your phone, etc…. Do a little experimenting to find what combination works for you.

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