Summer might be coming to an end, but things are heating up in the world of higher education. With the new school year kicking into gear, there are many exciting changes ahead. Find out what’s in store for colleges and current and future students, and track business-boosting marketing trends with us.

1. Providing A Path To College For Kids In Juvenile Detention

Courtesy of Katie Bliss
Project Change faculty, staff, and students at the San Mateo County juvenile hall end-of-semester celebration for students. Courtesy of Katie Bliss

A small organization known as Project Change is giving kids in juvenile detention another shot at a great education. Graduating from high school, or earning some credit towards graduation, is often the best-case scenario for young inmates. Now, minors in the San Mateo County juvenile detention center can take college courses taught by local community college professors thanks to Project Change. Read more about the effect this organization has had on this community and the lives of the young people in San Mateo.

2. Nearly 40 percent of young adult Californians live with their parents. Here’s everything to know about them

Patsy’s Irish Pub in Mission Viejo, where 55 % of young adults in this part of Orange County live at home. Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register/SCNG

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 37% of Californians ages 18 to 34 live with their parents. With the cost of living and rent prices on the rise, Millenials are finding it to be more cost-effective to live with mom and dad than on their own or with roommates. This story dives deeper into the demographics of these young adults and follows how they navigate living at home.

3. Americans Are Drowning in $1.5 Trillion of Student Loan Debt. There’s One Easy Way Congress Could Help

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Upwards of  44 million Americans today have outstanding student loan debt, which is one of the biggest consumer debt categories. More than 50% of all jobs that pay over $35,000 require a bachelor’s degree or higher. While students across the nation earn college degrees each year, most do it at the expense of their financial health. Read more about what sources say needs to happen to help graduates pay off student debt.

4. End the Stigma

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Community college has been stigmatized for longer than most of us can remember. The truth is, this stigma is not grounded in reality. Sharing positive stories about community colleges and their students is no longer enough. This is what lead Steve Robinson to start the online campaign, #EndCCStigma. 

5. College Board Overhauls ‘Adversity Index’

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The College Board has announced changes to its “adversity index” prior to its debut. This continues to support the College Board’s effort to provide colleges with more information about the class demographics at high schools that have SAT-taking students. Some fear the SAT favors those who are better off.

6. Faster Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans

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President Trump has promised to wipe out “every penny” of student loan debt held by disabled veterans. Education Department data provided last year shows that more than 42,000 borrowers were eligible for the loan forgiveness benefit known as Total and Permanent Disability discharge. Under the process outlined in the White House memorandum, veterans will receive loan forgiveness automatically unless they decide to opt-out.

7. Federal Rule Change Likely to Impact International and Immigrant Students

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The recent change to the public charge rule will have a large impact on immigrants, international students, and their families. This rule will require people who are seeking to enter the U.S., whether they are immigrants or non-immigrants, to show that they are self-sufficient and will not require outside resources (such as government benefits like welfare) for support. This will impact international students’ ability to obtain or extend a visa. Undocumented students are even more vulnerable, as they fear utilizing any public services.

8. Gender-Minority Mental Health Study: Changed Need on Campuses

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“Gender Minority Mental Health in the U.S.: Results of a National Survey on College Campuses” found “compelling evidence of mental health inequities” when researchers examined mental health outcomes in a randomly selected sample of more than 1,200 gender minority students on 71 U.S. campuses. Roughly 78 percent of students surveyed met the criteria for one or more mental health problems. The results of this study have concluded that there is a rising urgency when it comes to providing helpful and protective mental health resources for students.

9. Eight Effective Tips For Marketing Through Instagram

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Love it or hate it, Instagram, and all other forms of social media, are necessary tools for a successful business. With over 500 million daily users, Instagram is now the second-largest platform for engagement in the world (after Facebook, of course). Here you will learn tips on how to optimize your Instagram bio, maximize hashtags, and market through Instagram stories. There is no better time than now for your business to utilize all the great tools that social media has to offer.

10. 4 Trends In Video Creation And Marketing to Watch Out For

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Video is taking over your screens from every angle. This year, video is projected to take up more than 80% of internet traffic. A great video is one that will reach and speak to your audience’s wants and needs. While you should leave the big stuff to us at Interact Communications, this article will update you on the cutting edge tools your business can utilize in video marketing.

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