With Career Education carrying the weight for community support in California’s two-year college systems, the Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium of 12 community colleges needed a proud, proactive plan. 

The idea was to connect the twelve institutions, not just in slogan and wordmark, but in philosophy. In doing so, the group would shed the old “second choice” stigma of Career Education and lead the cultural revolution of outcome-based career training.

Campaign Performance Stats (February 2018 – August 2019)

  • 183,825 website visits
  • 42,990,873 campaign impressions
  • 3,179 clicks on the “apply” link
  • 2,404,380 total completed views on YouTube

In 2017, demand for career-educated professionals in California was soaring. At the same time, the Inland Empire/Desert region’s 12 community colleges wanted to raise the profiles of career education programs.

It was time for the region to pool its resources and start sharing the same story—not just with each other, but with the community and industry leaders who know the region best.

The challenge? To deliver an unforgettable message about the power of career education.

The search for the perfect regional brand was on.

We began with research, surveying nearly 5,000 students and talking to hundreds of colleges, community and workforce leaders to see what excites them and learn more about the region’s unique opportunities.

We figured out what our workforce requires…and what our stakeholders expect. The result was a versatile brand that would guide the region forward and unite the colleges with a crisp, clean call to action.

And once the message was ready, it was time to shout it from the rooftops, with a multiplatform, multicultural, and multilingual approach that focused on sharp storytelling and clear outcomes. 

A year later, the “Ready” career education campaign had delivered more than 8 million impressions, 85,000 unique website hits, and an estimated $2 million in enrollment revenue.

It has delivered engagement rates high above the industry average, and even won awards

Today, the Inland Empire/Desert region’s community colleges stand together–focused on the goals of equity, access, and student success…and they stand “Ready” for the fast-evolving future. 

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