Community colleges across the country are doing great things. And we think everyone should know. That’s why Interact is so excited about one of its newest product offerings:

News Centers.

According to Interact President Cheryl Broom, “Colleges are always achieving great things and producing great content, but most lack a mechanism to showcase their successes and share their stories. An online News Center is a dynamic place to do this and gives colleges a way to easily post content that can then be shared through social media, e-newsletters, email and more.”

These online “hubs” give colleges a chance to showcase their successes by honoring departmental awards, faculty achievements and student successes. And between you and us, sharing your college’s accomplishments is content marketing at its finest. What better way to build your brand than by talking about how successful your students, faculty, and departments are?

Tapping into the “sharing” culture of social media is another way these News Centers help create the kind of buzz and top-of-mind awareness that community colleges need to help turn prospective students into future success stories.

The great thing is once Interact has locked down the technical side of things, feature news articles are easy to create, because they grow organically out of the things your college is already doing. Check out the kind of stories and videos being featured on the Inland Empire and Orange County News Centers, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Because stakeholders enjoy sharing their accomplishments, generating content is as easy as letting faculty and staff know that you’re looking for stories. Need a successful student profile? Send an email to faculty—they love talking about their star students! More importantly, everyone loves hearing about them too.

Of course, if you need help generating content, Interact can do that, too.

Featuring important stories not only gets the word out, it helps get students in. Students want to be proud of the college they choose and these News Centers provide a place where “school pride” can be encouraged and cultivated not only among current and prospective students, but among campus stakeholders and local communities as well.

If you’d like to find out more about how a News Center can help drive enrollment and top-of-mind awareness at your college, contact us!

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