Faster than a speeding Tweet. More powerful than a Board of Trustees. Able to leap bureaucracy in a single bound…


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Marketing Man?!?

If you weren’t at Interact’s NCMPR District 7 presentation, you missed out on seeing our Strategic Director, Jim Wiseman, dressed up in a superhero costume as part of his conference presentation. Don’t worry. There are pictures.

In fact, there are a lot of pictures, not just of Marketing Man, but of Interact’s founder, Pam Cox-Otto, president Cheryl Broom, Director of Communications Angela Carollo, and writer Michael Mahin – all presenting at this year’s NCMPR district conferences. Just to be clear: Jim is the only one who donned the cape and cowl, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the presentations weren’t equally super!

At the District 6 conference, Cheryl not only won the coveted award for being the last villager standing in a rousing game of Werewolf, but also gave a presentation titled: “Analyze This: What Data Can Do For You,” in which she explains why and how “knowing thy data” can help colleges more effectively convert prospects into students. Especially exciting were the two Medallions won by the Riverside Community College District for radio and video spots that Interact helped produce.

At D2, Pam spoke about “Getting Leadership to Let Go of ‘The Best Kept Secret’ and Other Stale Messaging” in a presentation that addressed the complexities marketing departments often face when dealing with leadership that is out of touch. Pam spoke again at D5, this time on “Finding the Unreachables,” exploring research-based practices for motivating and engaging the 22- to 33-year-old males who are increasingly missing from community college campuses.

Jim’s superhero costume was the hook to a presentation he gave with messaging expert Michael Mahin on how Interact blends research and creativity to create successful college brands and campaign arcs. Like all of Interact’s presentations, their “Big Brand Theory: The Origin and Evolution of a College Campaign” blended humor with the exploration of time-tested marketing practices.

Meanwhile, Director of Communications Angela Carollo and Cheryl geared up for their respective presentations at the District 3 (Toledo, OH) and District 4 (Denver, CO) conferences this week. Angela’s presentation covers the “aphrodisiac” aspects of brand marketing, with tips on maintaining messaging consistency and more. In the Mile-High City, Cheryl shares ways to bring college digital marketing plans into “the now.”

Interact extends a sincere congratulations to all NCMPR award winners, and especially such past and current clients as the California Community Colleges, Irvine Valley College, College of the Canyons, Arizona Western College, Cypress College, Wake Technical Community College, and especially Dr. Timothy Stokes of South Puget Sound Community College for his 2018 D7 Pacesetter Award.

Interact’s team members were honored to share their expertise and learn from the wonderful circle of marketing experts that make up the NCMPR community. The fluffy and mischievous #InterCAT had a great time mingling with his fellow geniuses at each conference, as well!

We look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones at this year’s remaining NCMPR conferences!

And remember, the next time you’re in trouble…Marketing Man is just a call away (though cell service is sometimes spotty in the Fortress of Persuasion)!

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