Are you caught up on our #WFH Blog Series? In this Quick Tips! video, Interact Copywriter Rachel Rosen-Carroll talks about how to open your mind with burnout-busting work-from-home tips from our super-creative team, in the thrilling conclusion to the one-with-the-WFH saga. Links to the blogs are down below!

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Hello out there. This is Rachel Rosen-Carrol reporting in from her tent office in a galaxy not so far away for our third and final installment of the be one with the work from home tips, get ready to open your mind and beat burnout. 

To kick it off, we have, you’ve got a fight da da for you’re right da da, to Fika. “I like to start my day with coffee on our deck.” Says our vice president of project management, Andrew Hughes. Taking a quality coffee break can actually help to recharge our minds. In fact, one of the biggest challenges for remote workers is fighting overwork and burnout. According to one survey by Monster, half of poll telecommuters were mentally fried and yet 52% had zero plans to take a break. To this we say, why not be like Andrew and finagle a little Fika every day. Fika is a unique Swedish phrase that roughly translates to coffee break. But unlike the American version of caffeine guzzling, Fika is all about maxing out your chill out. 

And then of course, there’s creative tea. “My creative work generally starts with a cup of coffee or tea.” Says our senior copywriter with a PhD, Michael Mahin. He says the mindful mug, helps him mentally prep for writing. “Even now that I’m a published children’s authors,” says Michael, “confronting the blank page can still be difficult. Writing is hard, but this ritual makes it a bit easier.” He says that routines like this are the norm among high achievers and artists to help them get into a creative headspace. To it, the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe started her day by drinking tea and watching the sunrise, which sounds pretty chill. And then there’s the French novelist Balzac who drank 50 cups of coffee a day to commune with his muses, which I don’t totally recommend. Michael says, “For me a ritual basically translates “into helping me put my butt into the chair.” 

And then we have our final tip, tip number 12, work in an office, or a tent office with your favorite cup of tea, which can help you combine a lot of our tips into one, especially when your dog comes to visit. Indeed large portions of this blog were written and yield to tent office, since writing this blog and filming these amazing quick tips, I’ve gotten more jumping jacks, thank you Angela. And I’ve taken more time to commune with my dog thank you Wyatt and Mai. 

So do check out our latest blog for more fun tips and details of how to work out like a work from home Jedi master. We hope that our zen, fun, and slightly wacky tips were helpful, or at least entertaining. What were your favorites? Please let us know on our Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you so much for tuning in and take good care out there.

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