Diane, Mary, Jamie, and Pam pose by our NCMPR 2023 conference booth.

The NCMPR 2023 National Conference from March 30 to April 1 in Orlando, Florida, was a real blast! Relive some of your best conference moments in this photo blog.

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For our Vice President of Account Services Mary DeLuca, returning to NCMPR was a real blast from the past:


Mary dressed in her 80s finest for the NCMPR 2023 conference

“What a treat to reconnect with several of my former NCMPR pals and meet new ones in Orlando! I attended my first national NCMPR conference back in 1991, and it inspired my involvement with NCMPR for the next few decades. I encourage all of the newcomers to take advantage of the camaraderie and expertise of fellow members and former members, like me, who enjoy being able to contribute to the impact community college marketers are making.”

— Mary DeLuca, former NCMPR District 1 Director and District 1 Communicator of the Year.

Probably our favorite part about the 80s theme was giving away and sporting these lovely neon fanny packs!

Presenting on Enrollment Management at NCMPR 2023

Pam explains the three pillars of enrollment management during our presentation.

Pam and Diane pose with KCC after the presentation.
Pam and Diane pose with our awesome partners after our joint presentation: Kankakee Community College’s VP of Advancement, Marketing, and Public Relations, Kari Nugent, and Dr. Kyle Dalphe, President at Western Nevada College. From left to right: Kyle, Pam, Kari, and Diane.

Interact, Kankakee Community College, and Western Nevada College teamed up at NCMPR 2023 to present the three pillars of enrollment management.

In case you need a refresher, here are those three pillars:

  1. Form “Sticky” Relationships
  2. Provide Frictionless Service
  3. Foster Memorable Moments

If you’d like to read more, check out our blog, “3 Secrets to Success with KCC’s Kari Nugent: How to Build Better Strategic Enrollment Management Plans”!

Our NCMPR 2023 Prize Winners!

Jamie holds down our prize fort at NCMPR! Photo by Matt Stamey, courtesy of NCMPR 2023.

Iconic Moments

Because what would a trip to Orlando be without hot pink flamingo floaties? Photo by Matt Stamey, courtesy of NCMPR

Interact is in Style!

Diane, Mary, and Jamie show off their 80s costumes at the NCMPR 2023 conference.
The Neon Nights Paragon Reception had an 80s theme and was a total blast! From left to right: our CEO Diane Wallaser, Mary DeLuca, and Jamie Wagner.
Mary and Diane pose with a pink flamingo inside of a NCMPR 2023 frame.
Mary and Diane pose with a flamingo fan!

We’re sad that NCMPR 2023 is over, and we can’t wait until next year! But at least we have our NCMPR webinar coming up on May 17 — will we see you there?

Interested in seeing if enrollment management training, counseling, and consulting can help move the needle at your college? Reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to help you find unique solutions to fit your college!

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