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Welcome to Interact’s very first installment of #cccommunity3, kicking it off with Hispanic Heritage Month! We’ll be showcasing the best of the best in uplifting community college good news. Keep your finger on the pulse of higher ed. And, lift your spirits with a quick bite of good vibes.

#cccommunity3 is like the little sister of our oh-so-useful Top 10 Stories of the Month columns, which focus on cutting-edge news stories in education. Here, it’s a little more laid back. We’ll concentrate on good news coverage with a personal touch. You’ll find positive, up-close-and-personal stories to boost your community college pride.

This month, we’ll share the best three posts to hit social media during Hispanic Heritage Month. You’ll also find some humor, music, and headlines on the side. Ready for your dose of vitamin CC? Let’s dive into the good community college feels!

#cccommunity3 Hispanic Heritage Month Highlights

1. Long Beach City College Seals in Excellence for Latinx Students

It doesn't get better than this for Hispanic Heritage Month! LB City College, @LBCityCollege writes on Twitter:
Today Long Beach City College joins a trendsetting group of 14 Seal of Excelencia certified institutions in the U.S. ensuring America’s future through an unwavering commitment to intentionally SERVE Latino students, while serving all. #LatinoStudentSuccess #LBCC #ExcelenciaSeal
#LatinoStudentSuccess #LBCC #ExcelenciaSeal @LBCityCollege

This month, Long Beach City College was the first community college in California to receive the Seal of Excelencia award from Excelencia in Education. The award honors the college’s dedication and success in improving the educational outcomes for Latinx students.

Excelencia in Education is a policy research institution in Washington, D.C., that launched in 2004. 2020 marks the second year of awarding these distinctions. And this time around, Long Beach was the only community college among the award winners.

‘Setting Equity as a Priority’

According to the award description, “LBCC  (Long Beach City College) is the 4th largest community college of the 115 California community colleges serving 26,000 students. Of these… 56% are Latinx, and over 55% are first-generation college-goers. In the last 10 years, Long Beach has experienced a major shift in demographics that has seen more Latino students. It intentionally and overtly serves Latino students by setting an expectation of equity as a priority.”

The college has implemented cultural curriculum audits to increase Latinx student success. For example, it has redesigned course content and classroom experiences through a Latinx lens. Long Beach also ensures its College Promise program, a partnership between LBCC, CSU Long Beach, and Long Beach Unified School District. The program helps Latinx and other students transfer seamlessly.

Previous proud recipients of the 2019 Seal of Excelencia include Austin Community College, El Paso Community College, and South Texas College.

For a very happy Hispanic Heritage Month, @EdExcelencia wishes a congrats to all recipients of the 2020 Seal.
#ExcelenciaSeal #LatinoStudentSuccess @EdExcelencia

We wish LBCC a hearty felicidades on this well-earned award!

From the Funnies: Community College Humor Break!

The funniest post of the month goes to Bucks County Community College’s mascot, Brutus. Talk about giving Cookie Monster a run for his chocolate chip treats!


2. Santiago Canyon College Helps Apprentices Journey Out

Screenshot of a LinkedIn post. A student who is graduating from Santiago Canyon College's Apprenticeship Program.
#futurebuilt @gustavochamorro on LinkedIn

This month, we also celebrate Santiago Canyon College student and single father, Marc Cintron. Proudly of Puerto Rican descent, Cintron is becoming a journeyman carpenter and completing his associate degree in Carpentry-Acoustical Tile, Drywall/Lather, Drywall Finisher, and Plastering.

“I’m a dad first,” says Cintron in a recent OC FutureBuilt article. “Thinking of them is what kept me going and motivated. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I also knew if I wanted to be able to provide for them, this was a way that I could work while getting the training I needed to be more successful in the future.”

The Apprenticeship Program at Santiago Canyon College

The Southwest Carpenter’s Training Fund apprenticeship program at SCC gives students journey worker status in California. It also satisfies the requirements for Certificate of Achievements and the major requirements for an associate degree. It allows apprentices to receive a college degree at minimal cost. And, it opens the door to pay raises and benefits packages.

SCC offers 10 career-ready apprenticeship programs in various trades where students can “learn to earn.” Learn more at the FutureBuilt story.

Interlude from the Arts: Kansas City Kansas Community College Keeps it Funky

The KCKCC Funk Band keeps spirits high with live stream concerts!

Kansas City Kansas Community College posts a funky music live stream on Instagram!

3. Home at Mt. San Antonio College: Faculty Wins Hispanic Heritage Month Award

Joe Louis Hernandez celebrates returning home to his alma mater Mt. San Antonio College as the new Coordinator of the Rising Scholars Program. (It was formerly the Incarcerated and System Impacted Student Program). 

CA-39 Hispanic Heritage Month Leader Award

This month, Hernandez also received the CA-39 Hispanic Heritage Month Leader Award, announced by Representative Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr. The award honors nine recipients across a range of industries.

At the award ceremony, a quote from Hernandez’ nominator was shared:

“Joe Louis is my mentor from Mt. San Antonio College. He has not only made an impact on my life but many other first-generation, low-income, and formerly incarcerated students by sharing his story, creating spaces where we can learn/grow, both in higher education and our personal lives… With that being said, he always gave us, the students, his all.”

Here at Interact, we honor everyday heroes like Hernandez. Thank you for sharing your experience, courage, and strength with community college students!

Newsroom: Community Colleges Making Headlines

Not endorsing a candidate, just celebrating community colleges making the national dialogue!

That’s all for this month! If you’re looking for more, check out Top 10 Stories of the Month: October 2020 Edition. That’s where you’ll find the most important community college news for last month.

Do you have a personal best you’d like to share? Send your good news to reachout@interactcom.com for a chance to be featured in our next #cccommunity3!

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