The old adage, “use it or lose it,” holds true as community colleges’ fiscal year ends draw near. Maximize year-end spending by taking advantage of Interact’s array of bundled services to get the best bang for your buck! Find the perfect mix of à la carte services to boost enrollment, add to your marketing toolkit, or build your creative and collateral collection.

Don’t just throw your remaining budget away on something that’s not beneficial for your college’s long-term goals. If you need help making a smart and strategic investment with your funds that brings students in and retains them, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is ready to maximize your return!

Silver Options

$5k to $25k

Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Media Prefs Survey Analysis

Creative Elements (Video, Audio,
Digital Ads, Emails)

Communications Campaign for
Feeder Programs

Mini Marketing Plan

Gold Options

$25k to $50k

Strengthen Your Strategy

Stop-Out Reconnect Plan

Current Student Retention Campaign

Program Marketing Digital Toolkit
for 6 Programs

Platinum Options

$50k to $75k

Supercharge Your Strategy!

Adult Learner Database Campaign

Campaign Message Strategy (writing and design of up to 70 pieces)

* Final pricing is determined by specific services chosen. We will have an initial discovery call with you and provide you with a proposal customized to your college and your budget.

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