Giving thanks is natural this time of year. As the leaves turn brilliant colors and pumpkin-spiced lattes start our days (yum!), our team offers examples of gratitude. We are thankful community college marketers!

And there is a lot to be grateful for. The world boasts more electric cars on the roads than ever, and the ozone layer is on the mend, according to a good news article by Mashable. In education, the technology wins from the pandemic continue to help students, increasing collaborative learning, connecting classrooms, and boosting student understanding and engagement, according to the digital textbook platform Kitaboo

Here at Interact, we have our own examples of gratitude for another great year supporting our community colleges!

Giving Thanks for Family

This year, Interact had a nice “little” surprise … Our Director of Client Experience, Leina Gilster, had her first baby!

Leina gives thanks for the newest addition to her family! Photo of Leina with her family and new baby.

We know, we can’t handle the cuteness either :) Announcing the winner for the #CutestCommunityCollegeMarketer

Leina says, “This season, I’m grateful for my family and all the new traditions we’ll be starting! In a year of ‘firsts,’ I’m grateful to have a community that supports and encourages us.”

Isn’t Leina’s baby the cutest? Our VP of Account Services Mary DeLuca knows just how fast those little ones grow up. For her example of gratitude, she shared a throwback photo from 2007 of her two kiddos, now 22 and 25.

Mary is giving thanks for family memories. Photo of her kids playing in the leaves.

Cue the cute family photo throwback!

Mary says, “I am most grateful for the ‘ordinary’ moments I share with my family whenever we’re together. Those times make me feel at home, wherever we may be. 

“They remind me of the pure joy you can feel from just playing in the leaves.”

Family Ties

For our Marketing Manager and newest teammate Geraldo “G” Fournier, “A home is where you have a destination, family is where you have love, and having both is truly a blessing.” Awwww!

Geraldo gives thanks for his family. Here is a cute family photo.

We think G might win for the most spot-on gratitude quote! #FamilyRules

Examples of Gratitude from the Little Things in Life

A photo collage of what our teammates are thankful for that reads, "Examples of gratitude from the little things in life."

As the old adage says, enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things!

For our Director of Communications, Grace Kendall, she is giving thanks for the little things in life light up her day.

Grace's example of gratitude is her cute new desk mat, pictured here.

Don’t you wish you had a cute desk mat like this? 

Grace says, “I have so many things I am thankful for! The themes are nature, connections, and First World living standards and conveniences. And all the little things that make me smile, like my new desk mat.”

For our Executive Director of Media Prefs, Jamie Wagner, autumn is when the simple things of the season bring her the most joy.

“Fall is my favorite time of year!” beams Jamie. “I’m so grateful for cooler evenings, campfires, fall sports, and quality time with my family!”

Jamie's example of gratitude is roasting marshmallows with her kids, pictured here.

It makes you want to roast marshmallows on Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? You can see more of Jamie’s cute family photos on our blog about her!

Speaking of enjoying the great outdoors …

The Nature of Giving Thanks: Loving the Great Outdoors Around the World!

A photo collage of our teammates that reads, "The nature of giving thanks: loving the great outdoors around the world!"

Our VP of Client Development Alana Villemez is giving thanks for some expansive travels this year!

Alana is pictured with her partner in front of Tokyo's famous cherry blossoms.

Tuning in from Tokyo’s world-famous cherry blossoms!

Alana says, “I am grateful to experience a different culture and travel this year. Living overseas has been an incredible experience and makes you appreciate the new (and the familiar) much more!”

As for nature lovers closer to home, our Copywriter Margaret Scott is a big fan of Pennsylvania’s magnificent forests.

She says, “I’m grateful for the beauty of the fall season! I love hiking with my dogs at Lackawanna State Park — in my hometown. The leaves and forest are beautiful this time of year!”

Across the country, our Lead Videographer Jake Ammann loves to rock the breathtaking slopes of the Colorado Rockies!

Jake's example of gratitude is skiing in the mountains.

Brrrr, that looks cold!

Jake says, “I’m grateful for having a healthy, functioning body to take me on adventures and awesome friends and family to go on them with!”

Lucky Opportunities

A photo collage of our teammates for lucky opportunities

Denzel Washington is famous for saying, “Luck is when an opportunity comes along, and you’re prepared for it.” This year, many of our Interact teammates have examples of gratitude for some lucky opportunities.

Our Director of Communications Michele Byrd is giving thanks for the personal growth she’s enjoyed this year.

Michele is giving thanks for all that she's learned.

Michele says, “I am grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given. I am incredibly grateful for all the challenges I’ve encountered as they’ve made me more compassionate and resilient.”

Meanwhile, our Copywriter and Content Creator Rachel Rosen-Carroll celebrates a big win!

Rachel says, “This year, I finally made good on a 15-year dream to return to grad school and am earning my MFA in creative writing! I’m so thankful for this opportunity and all of the support from the Interact team.”

Rachel is thankful for attending grad school.

Rachel is excited to be a Lesley University “Lynx” as she studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Watch out, New York Times Bestseller List, because here Rachel comes! 

As for our Account Coordinator Angelina “Angie” Devairakkam, she celebrates the opportunity to work as part of an unstoppable team.

Angie is giving thanks for the Interact team.

Angie says, “I am truly grateful for all the folks at Interact. The full support they all have shown is truly a blessing, and I have learned so much from each person in this organization.”

Giving Thanks Every Day

At Interact, we are thankful for our amazing team and extraordinary clients. Thank you, community colleges, for serving our students every day. We are honored to support you and be on your team!

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