Meaningful content is essential to reach students and boost college enrollment. But, coming up with creative social media post ideas can be challenging. 

Over half of potential students check out your school on social media. So, it makes sense to leverage social media platforms and make a plan. (See our blog “Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost College Enrollment on a Budget for more on simple social media marketing strategies). 

But strategy is just the first step. You also need relevant and exciting content to show students why they should come to your college. Below are some innovative and budget-friendly post ideas you can employ to attract new students.

1. Showcase Your Big Wins, a Choice Social Media Post Idea

From a new, state-of-the-art technical building to one of your science faculty members publishing a paper, post about your big wins. It will boost your reputation and showcase your assets while communicating your mission and values at the same time.

One of the best social media post ideas is sharing your wins. From Fullerton College's LinkedIn feed: Fullerton College's Drone Lab is among 29 programs nationwide selected for the FAA’s College Training Initiative, and the only program selected in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Jay Seidel Federal Aviation Administration #CareerEducation #Drones #FutureBuilt
Over 44,000 Fullerton fans on LinkedIn can enjoy the College’s big wins in their feeds. Here, Fullerton shows off its state-of-the-art drone program, enticing new students to reach for the sky at their local community college. @FullertonCollege on LinkedIn

Perhaps your school’s biggest win is how you are serving the community during difficult times. From pictures of your food bank to highlighting some of your popular services, let future students know how you can help them.

How's sharing your essential services for a social media post idea? South Puget Sound Community College shared on Facebook: 
Are you experiencing financial, food, or other basic needs insecurities? Know a student who is? Don't miss our Zoom meeting Tuesday to cover how we can help! Financial, Food, and Other Basic Needs
South Puget Sound Community College hosts an event addressing financial, food, and housing insecurity for students, just one example of their high-touch support. @SPSCC on Facebook.

2. Success Stories to Inspire

Like your big wins, your success stories can showcase your students, faculty, and staff’s accomplishments, up close and personal. 

Alums Show Potential Students the Path to Success

Share the story of an alum who went on to start his own business, and future students can picture themselves following that path, starting with your college. Plus, alumni are likely to share that story on their feeds, garnering new interest in your posts from their networks.


Current Student Stories Build Community 

Celebrate the accomplishments of a current student, and you’re building a community while inviting new members to join. The featured student is also likely to share that post, encouraging their social networks to check out your college.

Henry Ford College welcomes a new Detroit Promise Scholar. Feature your new and current students as a choice social media post idea.
On top of celebrating a new student, Henry Ford is also increasing their chances of reaching others who might not have signed up for the semester yet. @hfcc on Twitter


South Texas College posted a story about a current student on their Facebook page:
“I’m one of those that always thought that I didn’t need school because I had done it for a very long time on my own. The sad reality is I really needed school. It made me that much stronger.”
-Lisa Castillo-Salinas
This senior marketing manager at T-Mobile returned to STC to earn her bachelor’s, demonstrating to other returning students that’s it’s never too late to sign up for college classes. @stcjaguars on Facebook.

Faculty Stories Highlight Excellence in Education

Faculty success stories are a hit with students and parents alike. Consider highlighting the fantastic teachers at your college who are dedicated to their cadets’ success. Posting about your instructors boosts school spirit and motivates staff while showing the quality of the education you offer.

An easy social media post idea is to feature your faculty. They are on your team and usually thrilled to be honored! On Instagram, Santa Ana College recognizes its faculty, with students chiming in to affirm in the comments: Santa Ana College is proud to announce Matthew Beyersdorf, John Nguyen, Henry Kim, Anushi Seneviratne, and Eric Glicker as recipients of the 2020 Award for Excellence! #SAC
Sharing outstanding faculty on your social media channels also gives current students an opening to appreciate their favorite teachers, strengthening your message and your post engagement. @santaanacollege on Instagram.


3. Actively Engage Your Feeds

Shares, likes, and comments all improve your posts’ visibility. Hosting polls, contests, and giveaways are super fun. And, they’re also a positive way to boost engagement, extend your reach, and spread the school spirit.

Cypress College engages their followers with a fun poll
Cypress College pops a fun quiz to engage followers
Cypress College has a super fun Twitter feed full of fill in the blanks, quizzes, and polls that invite participation and demonstrate a tight-knit community. @CypressCollege on Twitter.

Giveaways: a Win-Win When It Comes to Social Media Post Ideas

 Giveaways encourage followers to tag their friends to win fun school spirit swag. It’s fun, low-cost, and a win-win for everyone.

Giveaways might be one of the most engagement-boosting social media ideas you can grab onto! goccla posted a giveaway on Instagram:
We are SO excited to announce a @goCCLA x @PassionPlanner GIVEAWAY! Be one of the 5 lucky winners to receive an Academic Passion Planner and start organizing all your hopes, dreams, and future goals ????⁠⠀

To Enter:⁠⠀
????Like this post⁠⠀
????Follow @goCCLA + @passionplanner⁠⠀
????Tag 3 friends in the comments (multiple entries allowed!)⁠⠀
????BONUS ENTRY: Repost to your story, tag us and tell us which class you’re most excited to start this Fall!⁠⠀
Community Colleges of Los Angeles offers a posh planner giveaway, with a video that boasts +1,000 views and +130 comments. Participants were asked to like the post, follow Community Colleges of Los Angeles on Instagram, and tag at least three friends, with a bonus entry opportunity to repost the giveaway to their stories. @goccla on Instagram.

4. Virtual Events for College Enrollment Success

A camera with a Facebook Live sticker on the side.
Let’s take this virtual thing outside and make it live!

The number of fun and exciting online events you could host is limitless. What about livestreams of enrollment help from fellow students to start:

Truckee Meadows Community College posted a live enrollment info with staff and students that was recorded and posted to their Facebook feed. Talk about great content for potential students!
With over 80 comments, the recording of Truckee Meadow’s live enrollment help event, hosted with current students, was a huge success. @TMCCNV on Facebook.

5. More Virtual Events to Welcome Potential Students:

  • Offer a virtual tour with a simple cell phone or GoPro streaming video, or try a Zoom slideshow tour.
  • Go live with info sessions on Facebook and Instagram, where students can ask questions.
  • Host a webinar and focus on students with particular interests from English to biology.
  • Make some of your classes available to the public on social media so potential students can sit in and get a taste of your college.

Highlight Your Events on Instagram

Help students find your events by posting them to your Instagram stories and then saving them to your highlights. Check out the social-savvy Saddleback College:

A screenshot of Saddleback College's event highlights on Instagram.
Saddleback College followers never miss a beat because they can easily scroll through the school’s latest events in their Instagram highlights. @saddlebackcollege on Instagram.
A carousel post from Saddleback College showing students how to stay in the loop for upcoming events.
And with a beautiful and engaging carousel post highlighting all the ways students can follow events, it’s never been easier for students new and old to stay engaged, even away from campus. @saddlebackcollege on Instagram.

Virtual Events to Showcase Virtual Campus Life

From virtual conferences to online dance parties, here is a list of events to show off your virtual campus life:

  • Host a virtual spirit week with some fun online events and contests.
  • Dress like a past decade on throwback Thursday. Or, host pajama Friday. Be sure to have students post pictures to your school’s hashtag. And bonus if you have a giveaway for the best dressed!
  • Zoom up an open mic for poetry and music.
  • Speaking of music, why not try a virtual choir:
Wayne Community College's virtual choir, an example of some creative online events.
Get creative with your virtual events! @wayneccnc on Facebook

Online events are fun ways to show off and build community at the same time, giving new students a taste of your school. And, you’ll have an option to record the event and post it on your social media channels.

You can even divide recorded events into smaller videos for bite-sized content you can drip over an extended period. Not a bad way to get extra social media milage out of your virtual events.

Key Takeaways for Social Media Post Ideas to Bolster College Enrollment:

  1. Showcase your big wins to boost your reputation and show off your most significant assets.
  2. Success stories can inspire new students to picture themselves at your college.
  3. Keep your feeds engaging with polls, giveaways, and fun contests to increase your reach.
  4. Virtual events can help new students connect to campus life online.

We hope some of these ideas were helpful and that you were inspired by our creative community college partners’ posts. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out part one of this blog series for more on simple social media marketing strategies.

Also, be sure to check out our ultimate social media guide — Sustainable Social Media Marketing Strategies for Higher Ed: How to Keep Your Content Fresh and Flowing!

Do you have a social media tip or campaign you’d like to share? Let us know on our Facebook or LinkedIn page, and show off your social media smarts.

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