As we approach the end of May, we reflect on all that has occurred in marketing in higher education. For some, it feels like this last month has lasted for about a year (and that there has been about a year’s worth of big decisions that have occurred). Many colleges are trying to imagine what their campuses will look like come the fall semester, what will happen with the SAT and ACT tests, and what other big decisions they will have to make. Continue reading to learn more about some of the biggest updates in higher education and marketing from this past month.

1. Coronavirus could change college life this fall: Outdoor classes, small group dorms, takeout dining

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Universities and college campuses that reopen are going to look very different than what we have been accustomed to. Faculty, students, and staff will return to a new normal that includes things like spacing in places like classrooms and auditoriums and taking your cafeteria food to go. Colleges are making decisions every day on how their campuses will operate upon their return.

2. Does the Stimulus Package Really Exclude DACA Students? 

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One of the biggest controversies surrounding the CARES Act, which supports individuals that are affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, is that it does not support DACA students. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos has stood by her decision that the March stimulus package would only support students who are eligible for federal student aid. Some members of Congress have denied this claim.

3. California’s homeless students at risk of falling through the cracks during pandemic

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Although schools have been rushing to aid their students during the ongoing pandemic, the homeless student population is still falling through the cracks. The California education system has a homeless population of 195,000 students. While living arrangements have changed for many due to the pandemic, many schools have had trouble getting in touch with these students and ensuring they continue their education.

4. COVID-19 Alters College Admissions 

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Though admissions are becoming more flexible due to the changes brought on by COVID-19, students are still struggling with getting on the right track to college. Recent policy changes to standardized testing and GPA requirements will greatly determine student eligibility and placement in courses. These changes have been made to ease the stress surrounding college admissions during a time of crisis. These decisions will impact the way students experience college even into the Fall 2021 semester. 

5. California Community Colleges sue education department over federal emergency financial aid relief

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The California Community Colleges are suing the U.S. Department of Education over the eligibility requirements for the coronavirus student aid relief. These requirements restricted undocumented students from receiving any type of emergency relief.

6. Online infrastructure investment vital for community college students

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Gaining access to laboratories has been a struggle that community colleges have faced for quite some time. The issues with students’ access to technology have become even more apparent during the pandemic, as many students don’t have access to the internet or technology that their school has been able to provide in the past. 

7. Why community colleges may be the best strategic choice for fall enrollment 

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During these uncertain times, many graduating high school seniors have been thinking about the plans they had for their future. Students are contemplating their first college choice, if they want to attend college, or if they want to take a gap year. Here are some reasons why community college could be the most strategic choice during these times. 

8. UC Regents unanimously approve plan to drop SAT and ACT from admissions 

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The University of California Board of Regents voted to drop the SAT and ACT testing requirement for admissions eligibility. This was a landmark decision in reshaping college admissions across the country. 

9. Best Practices for Marketing During and After COVID-19 

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Companies have responded in many different ways to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether by cutting back on marketing efforts, increasing marketing efforts, or changing their brand. Long-term studies have shown that during times of uncertainty it is better to increase, not decrease, marketing efforts.

10. Making Your Video An Effective Part of Your COVID-19 Marketing Strategy 

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, content consumption has increased by 80%. As more companies are going digital versus face-to-face for events, this is the best time for companies to incorporate video into their customer engagement and communications during the pandemic. 

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