This fall, 34,000 students—a record number—responded to Interact Communications’ proprietary Media Prefs survey, providing valuable insights to participating community colleges from 22 states coast to coast. While indicating their preferences for how, where, and when to best reach and engage them, these students also shared their praise for the hardworking faculty and staff who have given them support and encouragement throughout these challenging times. 

We’ve gathered some of the qualitative responses from our survey, hopeful these heartfelt student words of appreciation may brighten the spirits of the unsung heroes working at our nation’s community colleges this holiday season. 

May you find joy knowing that you are indeed making a difference and changing lives!

A sampling of Shoutouts for the Support Community Colleges Have Shown:

The staff have helped me through situations that would have caused me to drop out of college…they encourage me to get through my mental blocks.


The writing center is a great asset! They have helped me on many essays and they always encourage me in my writing, even when I might not be confident in what I have written.


Honestly, everyone in student services that I’ve interacted with has been amazingly wonderful and supportive.


I feel supported and encouraged by the fliers and tv screens showing all of the opportunities my college has. Knowing that support is there if I ask for it is more than enough.


The Center for Learning and Excellence is beyond encouraging, especially when I might have failed a quiz or test. They have encouraged me so much through my time in school. 


Every one of my instructors are extremely supportive and encouraging. I share with anyone who will listen how great my experience has been. Either you are all wonderful or I had very low expectations :)


My seminar instructor was soooo informational and she really cared. I only had her for a short time. That seminar class is well worth it. You find so much out about yourself.


The Registrar at my college was the most helpful person around. I was trying to go back to complete my degree and she took the time to look at the classes I had already taken 30 years ago. She helped me to lay out the best course to complete my degree. I just needed to sit down with someone and talk over my options. This could not have been accomplished by a group setting or going online by myself. They would not assign me an advisor to meet with until I had determined my field of study, which I myself did not know at the time. One-on-one time with a student is invaluable when you charting the course of their future.


People in Workforce always make sure I have what I need to make it through the quarter: books, helping with tuition and just being friendly. Also, the financial aid front office people have been incredibly helpful.


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