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We surveyed more than 10,000 professionals from community colleges across the country to learn about their top concerns during this time. In this Community College Open Mic Series, our experts spend 15 to 20 minutes presenting on a topic and leave the rest of the time open for Q&A. 

Session 1: Resource Development

During this time of uncertainty, colleges are concerned with getting the resources they need to better serve students and support their communities. In this open mic session, Interact’s CEO Dr. Pam Cox-Otto and Sr. Copywriter Dr. Michael Mahin discuss why now is the time for community college foundations and how they can continue to form strong connections with the community. 

Download the presentation here.

Download the references list here.

Session 2: Planning and Prioritizing for Post-Pandemic Progress

Amidst so much uncertainty and pressure coming from every direction to impact enrollment, it’s no wonder you may feel confused, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated. In this session, Interact’s Vice President Mary DeLuca, CEO Dr. Pamela Cox-Otto, and President Cheryl Broom discuss quick tips to regain control of your time, spending, and sanity while planning and prioritizing marketing for your college.

Download the presentation here.

Session 3: Enrollment

The last recession taught us a lot about enrollment, but things are different this time around. Is your enrollment down? Is it skyrocketing? In this session, Interact’s enrollment experts cover both scenarios and share quick tips on how you can slow down summer melt, reach key audiences with messages that resonate, go beyond the tried-and-true tactics, and ensure that your precious marketing budget doesn’t become the victim of budget cuts.

Download the presentation here.

Download the references list here.

Download the Enrollment Pipeline here.

Have questions about this series or want to connect with our team of experts? Email info@interactcom.com.

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