On this episode of the Community College Marketing Master Class podcast, Interact CEO Dr. Pam Cox-Otto is joined by the senior vice president of public relations for the American Association of Community Colleges, Dr. Martha Parham.  Dr. Cox-Otto and Dr. Parham talk about how community colleges have been supporting student needs during this pandemic, and how they will continue to support students into the future. 

Even as the nation begins to distribute vaccines, it will be a while before things return to normal. And even once it does, things will not be the same. Until then, community colleges need to do everything they can to support student needs and keep students on track, as well as plan for the future and what our “new normal” will be like. Dr. Cox-Otto and Dr. Parham elaborate on these concepts with examples from other community colleges across the nation and explain how to implement these ideas.

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By Published On: January 21, 2021Last Updated: June 14, 2022Categories: PodcastsTags: ,