Are you ready for new year marketing ideas? We’d like to think we’ve seen it all. But the most exciting (if exhausting) thing about the marketing business is that it’s always evolving.

As we ring 2019, we wanted to take a look back at unique new year marketing ideas by our clients. So without further ado… let’s ask the experts!

South Texas College: Snapchat Geofilter

South Texas College's new year marketing included geofilter on Snapchat. Here's an image of an ad for graduation filters for Snapchat and Facebook.

“South Texas College did a really great Snapchat Geofilter for the college’s December commencement. They ran four filters for one day, geo-targeting the venue. They received 68,000 views, nearly 3,000 swipes, and nearly 1,000 people used a filter or sent it to a friend!”

—Alejandra Navarro, Director of Communications

For new year marketing ideas, why not try out-of-the-box campaigns on social media like South Texas College?

Orange County and Inland Empire / Desert Region Career Education: Viewbook

Orange County Career Education kicked off new year marketing ideas with a stellar viewbook, pictured here.

“I worked as a student ambassador at my college and this resource is SO HELPFUL to share the great Career Ed programs and degrees that CCs offer, in a beautifully designed booklet. I wish I had this when I was working at my CC. It’s a tremendous resource for counselors to share with students. Think of the print materials that Berkeley and UCLA send out —beautifully branded, designed and featured in the counselor’s office — these viewbooks put CCs on the map!”

—Alana Villemez, Account Coordinator

University of Hawaii Community Colleges: Low-Cost, High-Impact YouTube Content

Another great new year marketing campaign by the University of Hawaii Community Colleges. Pictured here is a dynamic still from their YouTube advertisement.

“Your college doesn’t have to have a million-dollar budget to produce million-dollar ads. The University of Hawaii and Interact Communications partnered up to create these fun, high-energy ads, using student photography and a great campaign message. The results are amazing!”

— Dr. Pam Cox-Otto, Founder


  • Drove more than 60,000 impressions
  • Drew more than 27,000 completed views
  • Attained a 46% completed view rate (industry average is 15%)
  • The average cost per completed video view was seven cents (the industry average is 10-15 cents)

And remember, a great tool to help you get the most bang for your marketing bucks is Interact’s Media Prefs data. But we’ll talk more about Media Prefs below!

Oakland Community College: Media Preferences “Personae” for New Year Marketing

Oakland Community College created new personae of their students, shown here.

“We developed a three-year Integrated Communication Plan that included personae of their key audiences. This was extremely useful, especially for members of the board or different departments that aren’t as familiar with marketing.”

—Angela Carollo, Director of Communications

The college took advantage of Interact’s Media Prefs data to get penetrating insights into their students’ media preferences and habits. From this wealth of data about students’ likes and dislikes, it was easy to create different personas based on the college’s demographics. For new year marketing, consider honing your outreach with fresh data to reach even more students!

Angela goes on to say, “Instead of targeting a demographic, we were working with individuals who had families, communication preferences, goals, and needs that were grounded in the college’s data. It really helped the team understand how to connect with a personality, and that changes everything in their approach.”

New Year Marketing in 2019

What new year marketing ideas does your college have in 2019? Are you looking for unique solutions for marketing campaigns? Why not schedule a free consultation and start the new year off right?

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