The NCMPR 2024 conference (National Council for Marketing and Public Relations) was a TON of fun in Seattle, where the coffee was strong, and the community college connections were stronger! Please enjoy this photo blog of some of our favorite moments, plus a helpful, downloadable gift at the end!

Prizes Galore!

First off, attendees had an awesome time “unlocking” goodies at our booth! Here are some of our fabulous winners and their prizes:

NCMPR 2024 Treats!

We had so much fun giving away goodies. Another treat was the VIEWS at the conference — sunsets, crab legs, and most especially, the Seattle-famous coffee!

Yum! And let’s not forget the wonderful sightseeing adventures! Our Executive Director of Media Prefs, Jamie Wagner, took in a Kraken hockey game, while our VP of Account Services, Mary De Luca, enjoyed a trip to Pike Place and amazing views atop the Space Needle.

NCMPR 2024 Paragon Awards

Of course, the highlights of the conference were the Sounds of Seattle reception and the coveted Paragon Awards presentation! Congrats, winners!

The band “Fortress of the Bear” got us in the mood to really rock the ceremony. But our favorite part of the conference? That was definitely presenting with our awesome college partners and sharing the love with all the wonderful participants:

Interact Presents with Our Amazing College Partners at the Conference

At NCMPR, we were proud to present:

Center Court with Your President: A Winning Marketing Playbook for Offense and Defense with our CEO, Dr. Diane Walleser, and Dr. Mark Browning, President at Oregon’s Blue Mountain Community College.

A Holistic Approach: How Marketing Led One College’s Strategic Enrollment Management Change with Grace Kendall, Director of Communications

And Lasso Them In: The Ted Lasso Way of Building a Winning SEM Plan, with our VP of Account Services, Mary De Luca, and KCC’s VP for Communications and Advancement, Eric Greene.

NCMPR 2024 Gift!

If you couldn’t make our presentations, you can still claim a goody — download our “Be Like BSC: Helpful Checklist to Build a Better Brand” below.

  • Not only did BSC see a +8% enrollment increase from spring 2023 … 
  • Not only did the college meet its spring 2024 enrollment goal by more than 107% … 
  • But BSC has already met 100% of its enrollment goal for spring 2026!

BSC is breaking records, with its highest fall headcount in 12 years and the largest spring semester enrollment in its recorded history — at least 50 years! But that’s only the beginning: BSC also boasts the largest credit hour increase in the entire North Dakota University System, leading the way at over 8%. Talk about branding and enrollment Done Right!

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