Media secrets can make or break your marketing campaigns. But don’t worry. We have the inside scoop!

For over 10 years, Interact’s Media Preferences survey has been tracking the media consumption habits of community college students across the nation. With nearly 30,000 community college student responses this year alone, Media Prefs has become an industry-standard tool for community college marketers when it comes to media buying.

The Media Prefs logo. Media Prefs is the best way to unearth media secrets.

Why? Because it gives marketers like you the knowledge they need to make informed, strategic, and effective buying choices. Media secrets are secrets no more with Media Prefs! But don’t take our word for it — ask our partners!

“The Media Prefs surveys have helped me because I do social media, which is a big focus of my job. Knowing which avenue or channel to use, how to use it, and who’s listening to it, is extremely important to me to make sure that I get the right message out to the right people.”

Kimberlee Lapray, Public Information Specialist at College of Southern Idaho

Having this research is, of course, great for you as a customer. It’s terrible for media-buying companies. They want to keep their media secrets and worry about colleges having access to this kind of data, however! It means they can no longer sell their extra inventory or products that don’t get results. There’s nothing like an informed buyer to pour salt in an upsell!

The big question you’re probably asking is, “Will Media Prefs actually get my college results?

How Media Secrets Get Real Results

MiraCosta College in San Diego provides an impressive example of the kind of impact Media Prefs can have, not only on your marketing goals but on the success of your institution as a whole.

When MiraCosta came to Interact, it had a clear intention to improve its services to Hispanic students by securing special grant money from the U.S. Department of Education. To do this, it would need to achieve designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). To do so, it had to raise the enrollment of its Hispanic students by a whole 2 percent.

Driven by Interact’s Media Prefs research, ad time was purchased on regional radio stations and streaming services when Hispanic prospects were most likely to be listening.

How Media Prefs Drove Results

MiraCosta leveraged media secrets from Media Prefs to target more Hispanic students tuning into the car radio, like the student pictured here listening on their commute.

Did MiraCosta achieve its goal? You bet! After just one semester of targeted marketing, MiraCosta exceeded the 25% threshold it needed to achieve HSI status. Check out this post, Turning Up the Volume at Mira Costa College to read the whole story.

The Power of Media Prefs

Suffice it to say, access to this kind of data takes the power away from media companies and puts it back into your hands. It’ll also help you explain to your boss why spending 90% of your budget on print newspapers is a bad idea!

Image of a media secrets quote: “We learned that printed news is dead to just about every age group,” says Debra McGaughey, Director of Communication Services at HCC Central. “I know I’m not going to advertise in newspapers.”
Our Media Prefs data shows it’s no longer effective to advertise in newspapers. From the blog, No Pain, No Gain: HCC’s 6 Fearless Tips to Secure Game-Changing Media Prefs Data

Sussing out media secrets with Media Prefs is a cinch! Our super simple portal makes it easy to synthesise data so you can make the best marketing and outreach decisions. This video gives an overview of how it works:

If you’d like to learn more about Interact’s proprietary Media Prefs survey and how it can help you be more strategic and successful, visit to learn more! Or read these helpful blogs:

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