Marketing on the web can play a huge part in building the awareness part of your funnel. And in digital marketing, it’s all about impressions, or how many people your content is reaching. To say the least, marketing impressions count. Especially, if they are first impressions.

Why First Impressions Make a Difference

A person wearing a suit and tie. Like wearing a suit and tie, good marketing on the web includes making a good first impression with your website.

In a business setting, your first impression depends on how you choose to present yourself. Your shoes, your jacket, your power scarf — they all make a difference. These days, the weight of that first marketing impression is often born by a website. This is especially true for community colleges, where prospective students often juggle many responsibilities. Incoming learners often don’t have the time for a campus visit.

And yes, those students say your website makes a difference. A huge difference, in fact.

How Your Marketing on the Web Is Essential to Making a Strong Marketing Impression

According to Interact’s Media Preferences survey, the vast majority of students use college websites to gather decision-making information and see them as key indicators of institutional quality. That’s right: How your website looks, how easy it is to use, and the kinds of information it provides can make the difference between a boost in enrollment numbers or losing prospective students to competitors.

“A website is often a student’s first introduction to a college, and plays a major role in their decision to attend or go elsewhere,” says Alana Villemez, Interact’s Vice President of Business Development. “So, we obviously wanted to make sure potential applicants have a great experience. That means that the sites not only need to look good and be easy to use, but they also need to provide the kind of information a prospect is looking for.”

NOCCCD Website: Making a Good Marketing Impression with Marketing on the Web

The recently-launched, Interact-designed career education websites for North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) are a case in point.

college marketing mobile responsive website

The two colleges and one continuing education center that make up NOCCCD knew they had the area’s best, workforce-driven career programs. They just needed to get the word out.

The project began with the complete research, writing, design and implementation of custom websites to act as a hub for each institution’s career education programs. Those sites combined sleek, simple design with dynamic, career-focused copy to create a welcoming entry point for those looking to explore career education options without being overwhelmed.

Interact then developed a marketing campaign with a new messaging concept based on their existing Future BUILT brand. The campaign employed original writing, photography, and videography to drive “top-of-mind” awareness for the district’s successful, but underutilized Career Education programs.

Results of Good Marketing on the Web

The results were almost immediate. Before the main campaign push even began, NOCCCD saw an increase in Career Education landing page traffic, as well as in-person visits and phone inquiries. In the short time since launch, this multi-platform effort has driven hundreds of thousands of impressions, yielding thousands of website visits and a marked increase in general interest and awareness.

As NOCCCD Director Raine Hambly says, “We are already getting tons of requests from the new website for more information about our programs. This is definitely very exciting for us!”

If your college is ready to start generating the traffic your programs deserve, Interact can help. Book a free consultation today!

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