With COVID-19 impacting community colleges, Interact Communications decided to put together a live webinar with crisis communications expert Scott Summerfield with SAE Communications, Interact CEO Dr. Pam Cox-Otto, and Interact president Cheryl Broom.

The presentation covered:

  • Higher education and local agency communications response trends
  • Crisis communications best practices that ensure the community stays informed
  • Media relations tips to communicate ongoing challenges
  • Internal communications tips to keep staff and faculty informed and supportive
  • What’s next: From commencement cancellations to declining enrollment, what you can do now to prepare

After the initial presentation, there was about an hour of Q&A. The webinar was held at 10 a.m. PDT / 12 p.m. CDT on Thursday, March 19th.

Listen to this webinar as a podcast.

Available Resources from SAE Communications

  • Emergency Public Information Plan Sample
    Samples of the documents referenced in the presentation, along with a Table of Contents for colleges that may want to develop a full crisis communications plan as part of their overall crisis response

View the chat from the webinar here.

Join the discussion here.

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