The graduation month to remember is here. Despite the craziness of the past academic year, convocations across the nation went on without a hitch. And maybe because of all the hurdles we overcame together, there might have been more happy tears flowing at this year’s celebrations. If you’re tearing up with pride just thinking about May, then you are in the right place.

Without further ado, please enjoy the highlights of the graduation season from the conversation on social media!

Starting the month off right with May the 4th be with you! One Reddit user shows off their graduation pride this May.

1. Amazing Students Rocking the Graduation Season

A Keynote Speaker to Inspire

Meet Fulisha, the Class of 2021 Student of Note.

Ready for an inspiring graduation story? Then meet Fulisha, Student of Note at Madera Community College. It was through community college that the graduate found the power to pay it forward.

According to the Facebook post,

“Fulisha was abandoned by her mother at the age of 9. From there, she survived primarily by staying on friends’ couches. At the age of 12, Fulisha met a young man who she believed to be the man of her dreams. A few short years later, at the age of 15, she became pregnant with her first son. At this point, she officially dropped out of high school having not really attended school much through middle school or high school.

“As the years passed, she had more children – 6 total. The father of her children became possessive and both physically and emotionally abusive. After multiple attempts, she was finally able to muster the courage to leave and moved back to Madera where she had grown up. Fulisha came with only her children and the clothes on their backs.

“Then came a turning point.

“One day, her youngest son won an award at school, and he didn’t tell her. When his brother asked him why he didn’t tell mom, his response broke her heart: ‘I didn’t tell mom because she never comes to our stuff. She’s always too busy working.’

“In that moment, Fulisha knew she needed one job that would provide enough income and allow her to be involved in her children’s lives. The following day, she enrolled in GED classes and passed all of her tests within two months. From there, she enrolled in college and hit the ground running.”

From Madera Community College’s Facebook Page

A Happy Ending

In conclusion, Fulisha doubled majored in Psychology and Administration Justice. This month, she graduated with honors. Then, in the fall, she heads off for Fresno State in the fall and majoring in Victimology. Her dream? She plans to open a women’s home for domestic abuse.

One Tassel Totally Worth the Hassle

Diana Basher is a member of the PTK Honor Society, and an ambassador at the Admissions office. She is also a member of the class of #Quinsig2021. Congratulations Diana!
Congratulations, Diana Basher! @Quinsig on Twitter

Diana was also a STEM Student of the Month this May!

According to Dilip Patel, Professor of Chemistry & Coordinator of Chemistry Program,

“Diana Mohammad Basher is an outstanding student in the Pre-Pharmacy program. Diana is a hard-working student who maintains exceptional grades in chemistry courses. With a GPA of 4.0 in her pre-pharmacy program coursework, she is planning to attend the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Worcester.

“A very good motivator with strong leadership qualities, she also helps and guides freshman and sophomore students who intend to get into QCC’s pre-pharmacy program. Diana has been working in QCC’s admissions department as a work-study student and is a strong ambassador for the college.”

From STEM Students of the Month, Quinsigamond Community College

For Everybody Going Through Tough Times: The Graduation that Finally Made It!

A favorite TikTok of the month? This community college student who defied the odds and the CC stigma! @Jordanbonsignore on TikTok

“Graduated high school with a 3.0 GPA…
Rejected or waitlisted from every college I wanted…
Went to community college and worked my butt off…
Everyone told me I only had good grades because I go to community college…
Today I’m graduating from the best public New York school with a 3.7 GPA and got admitted to grad school!”

Congrats, Jordan! In the end, you so earned it!

Break: Walk the Graduation Walk!

Graduating with zero debt be like…! @ozarkstech, showcasing yet another successful community college grad on TikTok.

2. Good Wishes for the Graduation

An Unexpected Graduation Gift

Cesar Zepeda 
Great to see our very own Contra Costa Community College District and local Contra Costa College on the national news for our Foundation Contra Costa College Foundation helping get rid of college debt for our graduating class! Proud to serve on the Board for such a great foundation!
This graduation gift made national headlines and a huge difference for low-income students. @CesarZepeda, West County Wastewater District Director, on Facebook. With a shout out to @Contra Costa College

Without telling students, Contra Costa Community College District wiped away student debt to celebrate a graduation like no other! According to this article,

Alexander Walker-Griffin is finishing his last days at Contra Costa College, a community college in Northern California. Only one thing was standing in his way: student debt.

“Then he got an email.

“’To be quite honest with you, I was a little confused and a little bit concerned. I was like, is this a scam?’ said Walker-Griffin…

“About 85% of the students that attend CCC are low- or middle-income. That makes the average debt forgiveness of $214 a big deal for those who received it…

“This is just one of the replies she received from a student who just lost her mother.

“‘The debt that you choose to pay for me is monumental and bitter-sweet. What may have seemed like a drop in the bucket to you was like a tidal wave in my life,” Marcellino read from the letter.

“’For a low-income student, a student with a family, struggling to put food on the table, maybe housing insecure, $400, $200, $150 matters,’ said Marcellino.”

Community college wipes graduating students’ debt as graduation gift

Happy Tassel Day!

It's only fitting that today is national #GraduationTasselDay ????
Congratulations again to our 2021 graduates! Wishing you much success!
A heartfelt congrats from @BridgeValleyCTC on Twitter.

So here’s a surprising graduation fact: cords with tassels were used dating back to the 14th century to honor grads. Fast-forward to today’s graduation ceremonies, where students symbolically place the tassel on the right. Why? That’s because it shows the student has crossed over from college to the next stage in their life.

Let’s PAWS and take a minute to thank your family, friends and pups for supporting your educational goals.
So it’s hard to say who is happier: the grad or the proud pup! @PVCC_Official on Twitter

Break: Paws for Good Luck!

Mission College

Good luck to all our students on #FinalsWeek! There are only a few more days left until #summervacation
So who isn’t a sucker for inspirational memes with cute dogs? Seriously, Every student needs an extra pair of paws come finals. @go2MissionSC on Twitter

3. The Graduation to Remember!

Thank you ⁦
⁩ for braving the hot desert winds to deliver an amazingly inspiring, down-to-earth keynote commencement address to our ⁦
The weather may have been windy, but the crowd was pumped for convocation! Margo Martin, educator at College of Southern Nevada. @margolynnmartin on Twitter
Kim McKinsey-Mabry:

I had the honor of delivering the "Message to the Graduates" for Monroe Community College's 2021 Commencement Ceremony. The place where it all began for me and the place I where I have spent most of my career! Never in a million years did I ever think about the possibility of being asked to serve as the keynote speaker at my alma mater’s commencement, when I walked across that stage in 1995. I was poor, the first in my family to go to college (and not a great student), a single mom, and just hoping for a brighter future—hoping that the trials and tribulations I experienced completing my education would actually pay off one day. And there I was, standing at a podium sharing words of congratulations and encouragement to this year’s graduating class. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a snippet of my story and hope that my message will inspire others.
In conclusion, another heartwarming story of a community college keynote speaker. @Kim McKinsey-Mabry, Acting Vice President of Student Services at Monroe Community College
Tell us you graduated in the middle of a pandemic … without telling us you graduated in the middle of a pandemic! @chaffeycollege on TikTok

Media Prefs Gives Grads Good Vibes

This academic year has put our #communitycollege students to the test more than ever before. We honor their perseverance and resilience every day, but especially at this time of year as they celebrate their hard work and achievements (both in-person and virtually) Congrats grads!
Best grad wishes from Interact’s Media Prefs!

That about wraps it up for May! As well as the academic year. Summer break is so close, you can almost taste it. Plus, this year, you totally earned it! ????

 If you’re looking for more, then check out #cccommunity3: Crazy about Community College Month.

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