Welcome to Interact’s grateful and second installment of #cccommunity3! This month highlights all the gratitude we have for community colleges.

November was huge. First, there were the elections! Then, we celebrated our veterans. And finally, a well-deserved break and day of thanks to wrap it up. So, check out this month’s highlights!

#cccommunity3 Grateful November Highlights

1. Community College Meets the White House

Election day comprised a lot of nail-biting and ballot counting. But, it was also a time when community colleges made headlines.

First, it was a celebration of Jill Biden. In addition to becoming First Lady, she will continue to teach English at community college:

Grateful for first ladies! Posted on LinkedIn by the president of Kingsborough Community College. She shook hands with Jill Biden at the College in 2009!
Jill Biden, community college supporter bar none! @Claudia Schrader, EdD on LinkedIn
Grateful for Jill Biden

@PolicyTakeOver on Facebook.

For the first time in American history, the nation’s First Lady will hold a job outside the White House. That job will involve teaching. And her position as a community college professor brings greater attention and perhaps advocacy to the sector. #education #collegesanduniversities #teaching #highereducation #advocacy bit.ly/38xzc54
@PolicyTakeOver on Facebook

And then, in the decisive swing-state of Pennsylvania, there is Community College of Beaver County. The school celebrated hosting yet another presidential candidate this November. So, it was an auspicious start to the month!

Grateful for community colleges in PA. Pictured here is the college hosting Obama in 2008 and Biden in 2020.

@CCBCedu on Facebook:

We are proud to be on the map! PA's community colleges play a vital role in workforce development and education. On Monday, CCBC's campus once again made history hosting a presidential candidate. https://youtu.be/NJZ1Lpgjq44 #CommunityCollege #CCBC  www.ccbc.edu/WhereDoIVote2020
@CCBCedu on Facebook

This month, community colleges rocked the national dialogue. In other words, the future of education is looking bright for 2021!

Food Break: Thanksgiving Recipes that Take the Cake

At South Texas College, Culinary Arts students made an entire Thanksgiving meal out of cake. From the roast pig down to the pumpkin pie, this was a feast to tickle the tastebuds and fool the eye!

Be sure to check out the article. On top of amazing pictures, there’s also an STC classic recipe for sweet potato pie with marshmallow frosting you won’t want to miss! In short: #nomnom

Grateful for amazing recipes! 
From South Texas College's Facebook page. A Thanksgiving feast to fool the eye. Everything from the turkey down to the pie is made of cake!
@stcjaguars on Facebook

2. Grateful for Veterans

November also marked Veterans Day. Across the country, community colleges showed their thanks.

Grateful for veterans

Allan Hancock College

Hancock is honoring and celebrating our veterans this November.

Visit our #VeteransDay webpage for workshops, information, and events throughout the month. https://hancockcollege.edu/veterans/veteransday2020.php
@HancockCollege on Twitter
Grateful for veterans

@gogebiccommcollege on Instagram

Let's all take a moment on this Veteran's Day to honor those who have done something extraordinary so that we may all enjoy the freedom we treasure today.
@gogebiccommcollege on Instagram

More Food! (Because Thanksgiving)

This famous doughnut-making master in Michigan got his sweet start at community college. Check out his drool-worthy story!

Grateful for dessert!

Jeff Meyers makes the best doughnuts in Michigan, according to MLive.com's John Gonzalez. He's proud of his GRCC Secchia Institute for Culinary Education training that got him started!
@Grand Rapids Community College on LinkedIn

3. Grateful and Giving Back

‘Tis the season to show gratitude by also giving back. Community colleges are stepping up their support, keeping the fires burning brightly even during challenging times.

For instance, take Irvine Valley College, which gave 500+ meals to students and families in need:

Grateful for giving back

@Irvine Valley College on LinkedIn:

Today we distributed over 500 meals to students and their families in need. To everyone who participated, thank you for being patient as you waited in traffic. We would like to extend our thanks to all the departments who collaborated and came together to make this event possible.

From all of us at IVC, we hope you and your family have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving weekend. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. And remember while we are apart, we are still in this together.


#ivcstrong #ivccares #irvinevalleycollege #ivc #irvine #thanksgiving #thankyou
@Irvine Valley College on LinkedIn

Another example is Highline College in Des Moines, Washington. They received a $15,000 grant from a COVID-19 relief fund to distribute assistance to their students.

Grateful for giving back

@highlinecollege  on Facebook

...Highline College served over 350 ELCAP (English Language Career and Academic Prep) students. They received gift cards, toiletries, dry food, and produce during our first-ever resource giveaway last weekend! 
This was made possible through a $15,000 grant from HealthierHere. The COVID-19 relief organization focuses on reducing health disparities in King County. The grant allowed us to purchase individual $50 Visa gift cards, diapers, and baby wipes for ELCAP students...
Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this resource giveaway happen. We hope it's the first of many more to come!
#highlinecollege #resourcegiveaway #covid19relief #communitycollege #highereducation #highlinecares
@highlinecollege on Facebook

And on top of working tirelessly to support students, this Gateway Community & Technical College staff member also donated to those in need.

Grateful for giving back

@GCTC_News on Twitter:

When asked why he donates to support Gateway students in need, Will said: 

"I give because I know our students are the region's future and having worked with them I know our future is bright." 

#communitycollege #giving #giveback
@GCTC_News on Twitter

Dance Break!

Community college + music video = jaw-dropping. From amazing dance moves to fresh lines, Coastline College’s newest anthem is sure to make you bop along. So be sure to hit the play button!

@Coastline_OC on Twitter

Give thanks and eat pie

In conclusion, we are grateful. And we hope you are too! If you’re looking for more, check out Top 10 Stories of the Month: October 2020 Edition. That’s where you’ll find the most important community college news for last month.

Do you have a personal best you’d like to share? Then please send your good news to reachout@interactcom.com for a chance to be featured in our next #cccommunity3!

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