Happy Community College Month from all of us at Owens Community College!

"Community colleges are one of America's great social inventions, a gateway to the future for first end time students looking for an affordable education, and for mid career students looking to get ahead in the workplace."
Quote from Barbara Mikulski. She's the longest-serving woman in the history of the US Congress. Plus, she's also the longest-serving Senator in Maryland's history.
#CCMonth quotes to live by. @OwensCC on Twitter.

It’s April, so you know what that means: Community College Month! This month, we celebrate that anyone from any walk of life can become a community college student. Community colleges are also lifelines to meet basic needs, land a better career and keep learning for life.

Did you know that this month had its origin in the Reagan administration in 1986? It’s true! The Proclamation reads as follows:

“The more than thirteen hundred community, technical, and junior colleges, public and private, in the United States have contributed enormously to the richness and availability of American higher education. Nearly half of all undergraduate college students in the Nation today are enrolled in such institutions.

“By providing educational opportunities at costs and locations accessible to all who are qualified, community, technical, and junior colleges have greatly enhanced the opportunity for every ambitious student, young or old, to enter a postsecondary school program.”

Proclamation 5418—National Community College Month, 1986

Community College Quiz!

Pop Quiz: Community College Trivia

Did you know…

  • How many students enroll in community colleges every year?
  • When did community colleges start?
  • Most CC students come from four states. Can you name them?
  • How much money can students save at community college?

Answer key at the end!

Our two-year colleges have the unique ability to transform lives, power the regional workforce and strengthen communities. So that’s why this month, we present you with some highlights from the social media conversation.

1. CC Students Speak Out!

April is Community College Month! To celebrate, we asked some of our students and alumni to share why they chose to attend BridgeValley. Here's what Donnie Atkins had to say!

Want to help us celebrate #CCMonth? Tell us why you chose BridgeValley using the hashtag #IChoseBV
“I chose to attend BridgeValley to access a better living for myself and my family. The location of BridgeValley is ideal, and upon registering, the atmosphere was great.” – Donnie Atkins. @BridgeValleyCTC on Twitter

When it comes to community colleges, it’s really all about the students. At BridgeValley, students are weighing in on why community college is the smart choice when it comes to higher ed.

Salem County Christian Academy graduate Madison Raymond is majoring in Computer Graphic Art. 

“Salem Community College is an amazing stepping stone to my future endeavors. The staff and atmosphere make you want to come and learn, and I am very blessed to be graduating from here.”

We invite YOU to come and learn at SCC too! The College is now registering for summer and fall.
“Salem Community College is an amazing stepping stone… I am very blessed to be graduating from here.” Grad Madison Raymond speaks! @salemcommunitycollege on Instagram

What better way to celebrate Community College Month than with a successful alum profile?

After listening to the Everything Your College Needs to Know About TikTok podcast, we couldn’t help but branch out a little with a TikTok post. This grateful grad demonstrates the power of community colleges! “When you graduate from a community college with honors, a Phi Theta Kappa member, and a full-ride scholarship to a four-year university…” ???? Congrats! Phi Theta Kappa, @phithetakappa on TikTok

Community College Month Jokes…

Zoom with a SAC Enrollment Coach today! Link in profile!

Jokes aside, we have nothing but respect and love for anyone passionate about enrolling students in college ❤️

#sanantonio  #communitycollege #sacstrong
What better way to celebrate the month than with a silly meme? “Come! I will lead you down the path of higher education!” ???? From San Antonio College, the oldest public two-year college in Texas! @sacfutureranger on Instagram

2. Sayonara to Community College Stigmas

Some uneducated folks may think that community colleges don’t measure up. ???? But these savvy alums know the truth: community colleges open the door to remarkable opportunities you can’t find anywhere else!

Graduating in a month from UC Berkssss! "Forget" my senior year AVID teacher for bringing me down for going to community college, now graduating from somewhere I would never have attended straight out of high school! Smiling face with sunglasses
Congrats, Christian! We are glad you “forgot” your high school teacher and stomped on the CC stigma! @chrissotelo29 on Twitter.

For this community college grad, UC Berkeley wouldn’t have been possible right out of high school. But with a friendly boost from his local community college? That’s when his UC aspirations were set to soar. And those 500+ retweets? From a lot of people who had the same experience of saving money and going further at community college!

I got my start at my local #communitycollege and now am pleased to help many community and technical colleges with communications, advocacy and funding initiatives. 
 Celebrate April as Community College Month!
Just another successful alum celebrating Community College Month! Michael Fulton
@hillrat1156 on Twitter, with props to Northampton Community College @NorthamptonComm

And what better way to celebrate community colleges than with alum who continue to give back? Thanks for putting the “community” into community colleges, Michael!

It's community college month, but these schools play a critical role in our higher education landscape year round. I'm a proud graduate of 
 and credit my experience there with later success academically and professionally!
Take it from a Senator. Every month is Community College Month! Senator Jay Costa
@Senatorcosta on Twitter, with props to CCAC Community College of Allegheny County @CCAC

High-profile professionals know that you can go far with a community college degree. So that’s why they’re not afraid to say it!

Break: Community College Month has Horse Sense

"A horse is a horse of course of course. And no one can talk to a horse of course." We had to lead with possibly the most famous lyric about a horse during a week of photos that included Therapeutic Recreation Student, Emma Bunda. She works at Holistic Riding Therapy teaching and helping students lean to care and ride horses.

#collegemadeforyou #morainevalley
A horse is a horse, of course! ???? Therapeutic Recreation Student Emma Bunda works at Holistic Riding Therapy, teaching and helping students. @morainevalley on Instagram

3. Community College Month Claim to Fame

From Truck Driver to Governor

Community College Month - Famous People Who Attended Community College #CCMonth #EndCCStigma 

22. Benjamin Cayetano served as Hawaii’s governor and is the first Filipino American to serve as a state governor in the US. He attended LA Harbor College before transferring to U Cal.
Speaking of Community College Grads in office, say Aloha to this governor from Hawaii! John J. Rainone @dslccprez on Twitter, President of Dabney S. Lancaster Community College @DSLCC

For the Governor, community college was his ticket to higher ed and higher office. According to Cayetano’s bio,

“Married at 18, he became a father at 19 and worked as a service station attendant, laborer, truck driver, electrician apprentice and draftsman to support his family. He realized quickly that his lack of a college education was a major obstacle to better opportunities. In 1963, he moved with his wife and two children to Los Angeles to pursue a college degree. The long ten-hour flight to Los Angeles was the first time he had ever been off the island of Oahu or on an airplane.

“In Los Angeles, he found a job as a draftsman and prepared for college. His poor high school grades required a stint through Los Angeles Harbor College, where he worked hard to get his grades up before he was finally admitted to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1966… He graduated from UCLA in 1968 and from Loyola University School of Law in 1971.”

Ben’s Bio

Community College Smiles

It’s National Community College Month! 
A-B Tech graduate Kristina Hyatt was named Miss Native American USA in 2015. She is a dental hygienist at Cherokee Indian Hospital.
Explore how A-B Tech can help you achieve your dreams. #CCMonth
This famous grad shares her brilliant smile as a dental hygienist and community college grad. You can follow Kristina Hyatt on Instagram @native_toothfairy. A-B Tech @abtech_cc on Twitter

Community college alum and dental hygienist Kristina Hyatt is also the author of the children’s book, “Shelby Goes to the Dentist.” It helps children know what to expect during a dental appointment and encourages them to have good dental health! She’s also a regular volunteer for “Smile Drive,” where she helps collect oral health products to distribute to Native American children across the country.

Act Like a Community College Grad

It's Community College Month. Today an A-List movie star credits his #CommCollege professor with his iconic voice. Freeman: And in that school - Los Angeles City College - I had a voice and diction instructor who was very good at his job.
#CCMonth #EndCCStigma 
Morgan Freeman started at Los Angeles Community College before he took the stage. So that’s why he sounds so great! MD CommunityColleges @MD_CommColleges on Twitter, with a shout out to @laccd.

Take it from the stars: community colleges are the places to start stage-worthy careers! Listen to Morgan Freeman about how he kick-started his acting career at a two-year:

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Freeman talks about going to Los Angeles City College for acting. #KIMMEL on YouTube

A community college voice coach encouraged Freeman to articulate like an actor, giving the rising star his distinguished diction! According to Freeman, “In Los Angeles City College, I had a voice and diction instructor who was very good at his job. You had to learn to speak and sound your final consonants.” Freeman was 22 when he went to school.

Puppy Break: Award-Winning Vets

TCC's Veterinary Technology program student, Jane Gray, recently received a scholarship from the Virginia Association of Licensed Veterinary Technicians. She is the only student in Virginia who earned this award for 2021. ????????

An animal enthusiast, Gray found her passion for the field when her own dog got sick. “My dog Socks had heartworms and I almost lost her. A year later she got a serious infection, and it was scary. It was then that I decided I wanted to be there for other families to help educate them on conditions and treatments.”

“Our pets can’t talk, so it’s important that families are fully involved in their care,” Gray added. “I love working with all of the clients and animals. It really is the best job.” ????

#tcc #tidewatercommunitycollege
This doggo lover got a head-start in Vet Tech at Tidewater Community College. TCC’s Vet Tech program launched in 2018 and is the only program of its kind in the region. In addition, you have to love that Starry-Night-Meets-Golden-Retriever mask ???? @tccva on Instagram

Answers to the Community College Month Quiz!

Answer Key: Community College Trivia
  • How many students enroll in community colleges?
    Answer: About 7 million students enroll in community colleges. That’s over half of all undergraduates at public colleges and universities in the U.S.!
  • When did community colleges start?
    CCs got their start in the early 20th Century. Joliet Junior College, in Joliet, Illinois, was the first community college established in 1901.
  • Most CC students come from four states. Can you name them?
    Over one-third of community college students in the U.S. come from California, Texas, Florida, and New York.
  • How much money can students save at community college?
    Students can save as much as $30,000 or more by attending a community college instead of a private 4-year college, according to savingforcollege.com.

In conclusion, we hope you had a stellar Community College Month!

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