Did someone say holiday sing-a-long? Why, yes! To end the year, we present you with the “Months of Quarantine.” You can carol it to your coworkers at the appropriate social distance. ????

To the tune of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

1. MARCH: Affordable Education Virtually

In the first month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee, affordable education virtually!

No holiday sing-a-long would be complete without remote learning tips! 
In March, @tric_edu posted this on Instagram.

It's important to create a good remote learning environment so you can remain productive. What does your space look like?
Remote learning tips make virtual classes a snap. Cuyahoga Community College, @tric_edu on Instagram
In March, @wayneccnc posted in Instagram.
Even if we can't be there for our students in person? We will do everything we can virtually!
Don't skip a beat with your classes. The Academic Skills Center and Tutoring Labs... are available for online tutoring! Go to the ASC web page for directions, find the link in our bio! #discoverwcc #BisonFamily
Colleges like Wayne continue to offer tutoring and labs online. “We will do everything we can virtually!” says the school. Wayne Community College, @wayneccnc on Instagram
In this year's holiday sing-a-long, we present a jaguar and his pet doggo.

In March, @stcjaguars posted on Instagram.
We've missed you! DM us or tag your home learning photos with #STCatHome

Be ready to #KeepLearning when face-to-face classes move online tomorrow (March 30) with our online toolkit. https://stc.media/2J5WMYO
Even mascots take virtual classes! STC puts out a call for students to share their learn-from-home photos to stay connected. South Texas College, @stcjaguars on Instagram

2. APRIL: Compassionate Connections

In the second month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee:

  1. compassionate connections
  2. and affordable education virtually!
In April, @eopsecc posted on Instagram.
Want to know how you can apply... for the Angeleno Card assistance? Last day to apply, April 16 at 4:30PM.
El Camino College encourages students to check out Angeleno assistance. @eopsecc on Instagram
In April, @cerrocosocommunitycollege posted on Instagram.
#CCstudents apply for a $500 grant to help you continue your education.
Cerro Coso Community College also encourages students to apply for California College Emergency Support. @cerrocosocommunitycollege on Instagram
Because wellness support should be in every holiday sing-a-long.

At the end of March, lakelandcollege posted on Instagram.

We're here to help. With Lakeland, accessible and compassionate psychological supports are just a text or call away.

Students receive counseling for 
• excessive worry
• emotional regulation
• mindfulness and relaxation
• self-care strategies for COVID-19 
• and more
At Lakeland College, counseling and wellness support are just a text or call away. @lakelandcollege on Instagram

3. MAY: Online Commencement

In the third month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. online commencement
  2. compassionate connections
  3. and affordable education virtually!
Jefferson Community & Technical College posted on Facebook on May 7.
Commencement Celebration Announcement!
You did it, graduates!! We're SO proud of you and cannot wait to celebrate with you when it's safe!! Watch as our faculty and administration make a big announcement. #JeffersonProud
A heartfelt and very funny video wishing grads congrats! Definitely worth a watch for those happy graduation feels. Jefferson Community & Technical College, @JeffersonJCTC on Facebook
Because Zoom is the place where we can come together for a holiday sing-a-long. This Zoom screen shows counselors saying congrats, Brady Bunch style.

In May, @msjcedu posted on Instagram.


Here’s a congratulatory message to our graduates from our MSJC counselors.

Counselors send grads their congrats on a Zoom call. Mt. San Jacinto College, @msjcedu on Instagram
In May, @wayneccnc posted on Instagram.
We’re still reminiscing on our beautiful drive-through graduation celebration. ????????
Honk if you love festive drive-through graduations! Wayne Community College, @wayneccnc on Instagram

4. JUNE: Accelerated Learning

In the fourth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. accelerated learning
  2. online commencement
  3. compassionate connections
  4. and affordable education virtually!
In June, @spscc posted on Instagram.
Get a head start on your education. Take eight-week online classes at SPSCC this summer. Registration is open now. Summer quarter starts July 6!
South Puget Sound Community College puts out the call to get ahead over the summer with eight-week online courses. @spscc on Instagram
In June, @stcjaguars posted on Instagram.
Want to speed-up your college education? Earn the same amount of credits in a shorter time frame by signing up for one of our online mini-mester courses!
The same amount of college credit in half the time? Sign me up! #KeepLearning South Texas College, @stcjaguars on Instagram

Knocking out college credit on the quick? We'll make a holiday sing-a-long about that!

In June, @oceancountycollege posted on Instagram.

Earn 3 credits in 5 weeks! Register for the Summer 2nd 5-week Term by June 23. Classes start on June 24. #MyOcean
Earn 3 credits in 5 weeks? Sounds like a great way to get to the head of the class! Ocean County College, @oceancountycollege on Instagram

5. JULY: Laptops a-Loaning

In the fifth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. laptops a-loaning
  2. accelerated learning
  3. online commencement
  4. compassionate connections
  5. and affordable education virtually!
Wake Technical Community College posted on Facebook on
June 13rd.
Our service never stops! ...Faculty and staff of our High School Equivalency Program (HEP) are out in full force supporting our community.
They’re handing out refurbished laptops to students in the program to help them... earn a high school diploma.

The college purchased the re-purposed laptops from a non-profit based in California, as well as supplies: 
• headsets
• keyboards
• and backpacks.  
If students complete the program, they get to keep the equipment.
And if High School Equivalency students earn their diplomas? They get to keep their laptops and tech supplies. Talk about good motivation! Wake Technical Community College, @waketechcc on Facebook
@PGCCNEWS posts on Facebook.

Serving our students is our top priority. We remain committed to the success of our students during this time! Today we held another laptop distribution for students! #PGCC #OneOwl #FinishStrong  @
With a drive-thru laptop distribution, students won’t miss a beat. Prince George’s Community College, @pgccnews on Facebook

stccpics posts on Instagram.
#STCC #sonography student Anna Zgerya holds a portable #ultrasound scanner. The college purchased them so students can train from home during #COVID19. Visit the news section of stcc.edu to read the full story!
Wait a minute! That’s not a laptop. That’s a portable ultrasound scanner this STCC student is borrowing! Springfield Technical Community College, @stccpics on Instagram

6. AUGUST: Food Banks a-Giving

In the sixth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. food banks a-giving
  2. laptops a-loaning
  3. accelerated learning
  4. online commencement
  5. compassionate connections
  6. and affordable education virtually!
Fullerton College posts on LinkedIn:

Pre COVID-19, the Fullerton College Food Bank serviced about 200 students a week. We now provide critical basic needs support to about 360 students a week at our Healthy Hornet Drive-Thru. This joint effort with Sodexo and Pathways of Hope continues this summer and into the fall. Thank you to EdSource for highlighting these efforts.
Before COVID-19, Fullerton served about 200 students a week. Now, they provide basic needs support to 360 a week. Fullerton College on LinkedIn
@IrvineValley posts on Facebook.

With food insecurity becoming a major issue, two IVC students wanted to find a way to help. Meet Sunmeet Singh and Kevin Waterman, the founders of Good Apple Initiative. We are very proud of these two and their commitment to help others!  #GoLasers
At IVC, two students are fighting food insecurity with a new food donation program. Irvine Valley College, @IrvineValley on Facebook
Community colleges take good care of their students. To prove it, we'll put it in our holiday sing-a-long.

@sccollege posts on Instagram.

Drive-Through Distribution at SCC... This distribution is only open for SCC and OEC students.
In conclusion? Drive-thru food pantries help all students thrive. Santiago Canyon College, @sccollege on Instagram

7. SEPTEMBER: Online-ing!

In the seventh month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. fall semester online-ing
  2. food banks a-giving
  3. laptops a-loaning
  4. accelerated learning
  5. online commencement
  6. compassionate connections
  7. and affordable education virtually!
@canadacollegerwc posts on Instagram.

Cañadians, do you need Wi-Fi for your classes? Need to get out of the house to do your schoolwork? Come to campus. Park in our Drive-Up Wi-Fi lot and enjoy free Wi-Fi on us!
Drive-up Wi-Fi gives Cañadians free access. And, a place to do homework besides home. Cañada College, @canadacollegerwc on Instagram
Oakland Community College posts on Facebook on September 23.

All five of our campuses have designated spots for students to use WiFi and printers. Just make sure you mask up and take your health screening before coming to campus!
With five Wi-Fi and printing spots, students can socially distance while they work. Oakland Community College, @OCCofficial on Facebook
Santa Ana College posts on Twitter.

Workshops on coping with anxiety and self during the time of a pandemic
Sometimes, self-care is the secret to becoming a successful student. With online workshops, SAC students are thriving. Santa Ana College, @SantaAnaCollege on Twitter

8. OCTOBER: Flu Vaccine a-Drive Thrus

In the eighth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. flu vaccine a-drive thrus
  2. fall semester online-ing
  3. food banks a-giving
  4. laptops a-loaning
  5. accelerated learning
  6. online commencement
  7. compassionate connections
  8. and affordable education virtually! (Whew!)

@saddlebackcollege posts on Instagram.

Free drive-thru flu vaccination clinic taking place tomorrow...

The clinic is open to students, staff, and the community.

Free drive-thru flu vaccinations help students stay healthy. Saddleback College, @saddlebackcollege on Instagram
@goldenwestcollege on Instagram:

The Health Center has flu shots for $16... Masks are required, & you will be instructed to stay in your car. Do NOT come to campus if you are not feeling well. Call the Health Center if you have any questions: 714-895-8379.
Low-cost flu shots for students are just a car ride away. Golden West College, @goldenwestcollege on Instagram
Staying healthy? We think it merits a mention in our holiday sing-a-long.

@irvinevalleycollege posts on Instagram.

Lasers, here's a recap of last week's Free Flu Vaccine Drive Thru on campus.

If you were not able to pass by last week? Our @ivchealthcenter will be hosting another one... 

This year, it is important to get the vaccine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only to prevent the flu... but also save medical resources and protect health care workers caring for people with COVID-19.

For questions, connect with @ivchealthcenter.

#irvinevalleycollege #irvine #ivc #college #fluvacccine #flushot
IVC encourages students to drive on thru for free flu shots. The school says it can help prevent the flu and also protect health care workers on the front lines. Irvine Valley College, @irvinevalleycollege on Instagram

9. NOVEMBER: On-Campus a-Voting

In the ninth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. on-campus a-voting
  2. flu vaccine a-drive thrus
  3. fall semester online-ing
  4. food banks a-giving
  5. laptops a-loaning
  6. accelerated learning
  7. online commencement
  8. compassionate connections
  9. and affordable education virtually! (Now say it ten times fast!)
@saddlebackcollege posts on Instagram.

Saddleback College will be one of six Vote Centers... for the Nov. 3 Presidential General Election.

If you live near campus, you can stop by this location... 
You can 
• vote in-person
• drop off a completed ballot
• request a replacement ballot
• and more.
Saddleback was one of six voting centers in the region. Saddleback College, @saddlebackcollege on Instagram
University of Hawaii System
posts on Twitter.
 All 10 #UHohana campuses will be closed tomorrow in observance of #ElectionDay. Drop off your voted ballot at a place of deposit by 7pm.
All ten University of Hawaii System campuses were closed in honor of Election Day. It’s not a bad way to encourage voting! Windward Community College, @wcchawaii on Twitter
Voting definitely has its time to shine in this year's holiday sing-a-long!

Riverside City College
posed on Facebook.
Go Tigers! Congratulations on leading the California #BallotBowl2020. We have the highest student voter registrations so far. Keep it up RCC!
In the end, RCC took 2nd place for most community students registered to vote! Riverside City College, @RiversideCityCollege on Facebook
California University and College Ballot Bowl Winners:

Chabot College
Riverside City College
Mt. San Antonio College
Santa Monica College
San Joaquin Delta College
Orange Coast College
Chaffey College
Fresno City College
Saddleback College
Cerritos College
Also, this year’s ballot bowl winners!

10. DECEMBER: And a Well-Deserved Winter Break!

Sing it with us now!

In the tenth month of quarantine, our community colleges gave to thee

  1. Winter break at long last!
  2. on-campus a-voting
  3. flu vaccine a-drive thrus
  4. fall semester online-ing
  5. food banks a-giving
  6. laptops a-loaning
  7. accelerated learning
  8. online commencement
  9. compassionate connections
  10. and affordable education virtually!

Community colleges have given us so much this year. So, during the holiday season, we hope you know how grateful we are. Also, ten points to Gryffindor if you post a video of yourself this holiday caroling “The Months of Quarantine” on social media. ????

Wishing you a lovely holiday season and a happy new year!

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