Your marketing plan is like a custom-built hot rod. Though all the parts may be disparate and unique they need to come together and run smoothly for a high-performance ride.

Interact has provided custom strategic solutions for 2-year colleges for 20 years, and we understand that every college is unique.

That’s why we approach each project with a fresh, research-based plan, developed by our first-string Strategy Team. Our team is led by our founder and CEO, 2-year college marketing expert Dr. Pamela Cox-Otto. Whatever your college’s unique challenges are… we can help.

  • Multi-year marketing plans
  • Branding
  • Triage
  • Enrollment plans
  • Retention plans
  • Social media strategy
  • Unique audience engagement
  • Website structure
  • Public relations strategy
  • On-the-ground event planning

What can we do for YOUR college?

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