Overview of the Situation

The Texas Higher Education Board (HEB) wanted to put Career and Technical Education front-and-center in the minds of legislators, residents, and potential students. It was looking for a brand and an online resource that would resonate with the public and tie the CTE programs together, across colleges, and across the state.

An Integrated Website for CTE


After an intensive research process that included collecting data across the entire state of Texas and its 100+ colleges and technical programs, Interact developed the “TEXASgenuine” brand that immediately resonated with the state upon its rollout. Now, the state of Texas was in need of a resource that would provide potential students with information on CTE programs, careers, and its colleges.

While the web and creative team brainstormed ideas for a site with seamless navigate and a clean design, the video team began traveling all over the state to shoot program videos to highlight program clusters.


Once the videos were completed and a frame for the site was approved, Interact was able to produce a comprehensive website that allowed viewers to pick a college by program, region, or job interest, and ultimately, sent potential students directly into to individual college CTE web area.


Interact then created and managed an online marketing plan to drive students to the website and onto college sites. Colleges could also access a section of the website that provided templates, images, messages, and videos for them to customize and use.





Page Views

Texas Genuine Colleges Map Page

The Texas HEB has been so pleased with the brand, website, and the collaterals created by Interact, that they have made ongoing Perkins funding of colleges dependent on their use of the state brand.


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