The Michigan Community College Association (MCCA), which oversees the 28 community and technical colleges in Michigan, needed a way to bolster its overall brand without diluting the messaging of its individual colleges. The new statewide brand and messaging campaign had to tie the 28 member colleges together, while allowing them to retain their independence and individuality.

Research-Based Branding

Interact conducted quantitative and qualitative research throughout the state, and especially in key population areas served by MCCA’s colleges. Using online surveys, focus groups, and phone surveys, Interact uncovered the attributes that target groups (staff, current students, community, business leaders, etc.) perceived to be “true” about the colleges and the statewide system. The attributes were then tested to determine their importance in the minds of key audiences, as well as the colleges’ “ownership” of each attribute, in comparison to other competitors.

Using this data, Interact tested potential brand statements with the same groups and boiled down the most important attributes into a comprehensive brand: “You’ve Got This.”


The “You’ve Got This” brand was well-received by the individual college leadership, as well as the state administrators. Upon acceptance, the brand was rolled out to each of the 28 member colleges, complete with messaging treatments showing our creative vision for the brand launch.

Following the brand launch, Interact worked with MCCA to launch a statewide campaign in support of the “You’ve Got This” brand which included media placement in each market that Michigan’s community colleges serve. The campaign allowed each college to tailor messaging to their specific attributes and challenges while taking advantage of the stability and consistency of the larger state brand.