The View from Above


As Orange County’s regional “Future BUILT” Career Education campaign began to take flight, Irvine Valley College knew it was time to take its career education game up to the next level.


With a reputation for outstanding transfer and completion rates, IVC already had a reputation for being one of Southern California’s best community colleges. What it didn’t have was an equally outstanding way to convert the new “top-of-mind” awareness being generated by the “Future BUILT” campaign into enrolled, Career Education students.

Why was that a problem? Because according to Interact’s own Media Preferences Survey, an annual survey of how community college students use social media and technology, engaging and easy-to-use websites are THE most important and effective tool for converting prospective applicants into enrolled students.

What IVC needed was a way to showcase its own, unique programs. What it needed was a way to convert “clicks” into committed students.


What it needed was a Career Education website.

Setting the Bar Higher

Interact leveraged its significant experience within the Career Education space and its understanding of the Orange County region to build a website that not only expressed IVC’s unique identity as one of the OC’s premier institutions, but also spoke to the specific needs and aspirations of future Career Education students.


Elements like striking imagery, IVC-themed colors, engaging but clear language, bold calls-to-action, simple but effective navigation, and mobile-friendly design combined to form a website that gives practically minded Career Education prospects the information and guidance they need to elevate their lives and achieve their career goals.


The Sky’s the Limit


Across Orange County, the “Future BUILT” Career Education campaign continues to sail above industry standards as it drives Career Education awareness and enrollment in the region and beyond. The digital campaign alone has generated more than 15 million impressions, 87,000+ visits to the main Future BUILT website, and more than 600 phone calls.


The Winter 2019 launch of the IVC website is expected to generate the same exceptional levels of performance as Interact’s other, regional, “Future BUILT”-branded Career Education websites.


Big Gains for IVC…


  • Photography: Interact’s creative team spent two days capturing vibrant and active images of Career Education programs and students to ensure the quality of imagery used on the website was consistent.
  • Website: Wrote and designed an engaging and easy-to-navigate landing page and website, with clearly defined educational pathways and engaging calls-to-action to drive students to IVC’s main application page.
  • Program Pages: Developed pages for 17 departments and 67 degrees and certificates, blending stunning and informative graphics with text that avoids the stilted academic-speak of most college websites and is not only informative, but fun and engaging.

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