An Idea… An Identity.


With Career Education carrying the weight for community support in California’s two-year college systems, the Inland Empire-Desert Regional Consortium of community colleges needed a proud, proactive plan.

An idea: to connect the twelve institutions surrounding California’s fastest-expanding industrial region, not just in slogan and wordmark, but in philosophy.

An identity: to shed the old “second choice” stigma of Career Education, in leading the cultural revolution of outcome-based career training.

Interact and the IEDRC were inspired.

Branding: Research and Development

Interact worked with Inland Empire Career Education stakeholders, including students, faculty and business leaders, to determine the distinct attributes and values that would lead to the IEDRC brand. Our time-tested brand process once again distilled the best and most trusted attributes of the district into a concise and powerful brand.

What is it about two-year Career Education grads in the Inland Empire that makes them unique?


They’re “Ready.”


The Right Message for Right Now.


Career education graduates of Inland Empire-Desert Region community colleges aren’t just prepared on paper. They’re ready for the real world.

The IEDRC built its new identity on a foundation of incisive community insight, leveraging data from key stakeholders to inform a marketing philosophy focused on the region’s critical, immediate needs.





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Ready to Go. Ready to Grow.


Inspired by the data, “Ready” gave phrase to the communities most valued attributes: preparedness, real-world relevance, and specific career focus. Two semesters into launch, the IEDRC’s “Ready” Career Education philosophy continues to lead the way for workforce preparedness in one of the state’s most crucial regional economies.

Big Gains for the IEDRC…

  • Research: Explored true community/stakeholder attitudes, expectations, and media consumption habits, using qualitative and quantitative methodology.
    Strategy: Designed and implemented a streamlined, data-driven marketing plan to set the tone for broader, ongoing efforts.
  • Creative: Created vivid, unique marketing materials to embody the IEDRC’s new brand philosophy and encourage engagement.
  • Web: Established a cool and comprehensive online hub for Career Education opportunities at IEDRC’s twelve institutions.

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