With Career and Technical Education carrying much of the weight for legislative funding and support in our two-year college systems, the stakes are higher than ever for CTE marketing. With the skills gap expected to leave millions of high-paying positions unfilled in the next decade, Career Education has largely abandoned the old “second choice” stigma, and is being seen more and more as an independent, intelligent “first” option. Inland Empire Desert Regional Consortium needed a solid foundation for its CTE marketing efforts, in order to raise the CTE profile of all 12 area colleges. Interact knew the stakes, and we were proud to accept the challenge.

Branding: Research and Development

Interact worked with Inland Empire CTE stakeholders, including students, faculty and business leaders, to determine the distinct attributes and values that would lead to the IEDRC brand. Our time-tested brand process once again distilled the best and most trusted attributes of the district into a concise and powerful brand.

What is it about two-year CTE grads in the Inland Empire that makes them unique?


They’re “Ready.”


“Ready.” gave phrase to the entirety of the Consortium’s mission in a single, dynamic word. It’s a built-in call to action, with almost unlimited versatility in application. Inspired directly by the research, the brand encompassed the attributes that the Inland Empire community deemed most valuable, including preparedness, real-world relevance, and specific career focus





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The IEDRC “Ready” brand received a standing ovation at launch, and continues to gain steam as it approaches its first semester of implementation.


This Spring, the full “Ready” campaign, including traditional, digital and social media, debuted in all 12 Inland Empire/Desert Region communities.

Interact developed a campaign website, www.readysetcareer.org, which launched in mid-February and in just eight weeks already garnered 18,800 visits. You can view videos we created for the campaign at news.readysetcareer.org.


Interact is also created collateral in English and Spanish, that each college can use to promote their unique career education programs.


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