Our Services and Support

Interact looks at the bigger picture, providing services that improve the overall student experience from the initial touchpoint with a prospective student, to graduation (and everything in between). We are research-driven marketing and communication strategists that share a passion for creativity and innovation. Our team of two-year experts works alongside our college partners to not only keep up with trends, but to help create them.

We serve 2-year college communities exclusively, including college consortia/districts/state-wide systems, foundations, noncredit/adult basic education programs, college leadership, admissions/outreach, student services, and higher education organizations. Continue reading to learn more about some of the products and services we offer.


  • Vulnerable prospects research
  • Brand identity research
  • Community image research and environmental scans
  • Communication audits
  • Program feasibility
  • Bond, millage, and referendum research
  • College climate reviews
  • Student satisfaction gap review
  • Web satisfaction and cluster analysis
  • Media and communication preferences (see Media Prefs)


  • Integrated marketing planning and implementation
  • Brand development
  • Recruitment, retention, and recovery plans
  • Public relations and image management
  • Strategic enrollment management
  • Strategic planning
  • Media buying
  • Communication plans
  • Student and community persona development


  • Creative messaging
  • Campaign algorithms
  • The brand, tagline, and logo development
  • Graphic design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Animation
  • Audio, radio, and voiceover
  • Podcast development
  • On-campus signage


  • Website and landing page development
  • Customer relations management (CRM) set up and services
  • Live digital dashboard (for digital marketing campaigns)
  • Data tracking & analysis
Media Prefs

Data Directly Sourced From Your Students

Media Prefs

Media Prefs has been propelling like-minded marketing and communications professionals to the forefront of their field by providing them with the academically defensible data they need for even their largest decision-making tasks, sourced directly from their students’ voices. The data, then utilized across various college divisions, provides an accurate snapshot of student attitudes, habits, and preferences toward both traditional and new media, communication styles, website content, and college image. Using both their local results and the hundreds of thousands of aggregated student responses collected nationally, marketing and communications professionals are able to utilize the proven data to make timely and precise decisions when they matter most.

Data-informed Decisions and Continuous Refinement

Our Process

Interact’s philosophy has been informed by 25 years of working with more than 700 community colleges. That said, our core approach is straightforward. At its heart, the decision to attend college is a student’s victory of aspiration and hope. Students who come to us to better their lives and the lives of their families have chosen action and sacrifice over inaction and complacency. They are brave. They are heroes. So, your college must create an environment that nurtures these heroes and heroines and engages faculty, staff, and leadership in the ever-evolving challenge to serve them. In order to meet your institution’s goals and address your challenges in the most cost-effective and efficient way, we approach projects by moving through the four-step process shown below.

1. Understanding

  • Data
  • Trends
  • Media Preferences
  • College Priorities
  • Audience Motivations
  • Campaign Goals
  • Key Performance Indicators

2. Connecting

  • Strategy Development
  • Planning
  • Collaboration & Communication with Team
  • Audiences & Channels

3. Creating

  • Key Messages
  • Engaging Creative
  • Branding
  • Audience Profiles
  • Supplementary Materials

4. Evaluating and Refining

  • Reports
  • Campaign Performance
  • Analysis of Media Spend
  • Internal Data Analysis