Interact Celebrates 20 Years in 2-Year College Marketing

Dr. Pamela Cox-Otto co-founded Interact in 1996 with one goal in mind – to ensure that affordable, egalitarian education received its due – both in public funding and overall acceptance by the communities that 2-year colleges serve.

Twenty years later, Interact has served more than 100 community and technical college clients, winning dozens of awards, statewide contracts, and satisfied customers along the way.

“I was raised on Andy Hardy movies… You know, the ones were Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland would say ‘let’s put on a show — you’ve got a barn, and I can sing and dance, and you can write the music’,” says Cox-Otto, whose process-based strategies have been adopted by marketing departments all across North America. “Well, when a group of my friends were laid off from a company, I saw it as an opportunity for us to create something that would last.

Vice President of Technology Anthony Jones cites the company’s unique 2-year college focus as the catalyst for its success.

“It all starts with a commitment to 2-year colleges and their pivotal role in the community,” says Jones. “We’ve developed a unique set of processes to serve these colleges that has continually evolved to meet new challenges.”

Interact’s focused approach has made the company a success, but more importantly, it has helped shape the very philosophy that now governs 2-year college marketing.

“Interact is unique in that we’re not ‘marketers,’ we’re community college marketers,” says Director of Strategy James Wiseman. “We have a genuine belief in – and passion for – our work, and I think that commitment shows in every project we undertake.”

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Interact will roll out a new brand and visual look at the 2017 National NCMPR Conference in Charleston, SC this March. Attendees are invited to visit the Interact booth for a free mystery gift.